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Cazina Reviews {April 2022} Is This Legit Or Scam Site?


This article deals with the Cazina Reviews and specifies the website to clarify whether the website is a legitimate site or not.

Are you a fashion freak who loves to shop a variety of fashion products at your fingertips? Are you aware of various available sites for you to shop online and take advantage of the online products? If you want to know more about such websites, this article would be helpful for you. 

Many sites are operating online, and one among those is the Cazina website, which is based in India. But it is important to know about its legitimacy, and therefore we will study this website in this article. So, let’s begin our discussion about Cazina Reviews

What is the Cazina website about? 

Cazina is an online platform based in India which sells various fashionable products online to consumers. There is a collection of fashionable dresses, casual wear, midi dresses, tops, two-piece sets, sweaters and cardigans, one-piece, and many more items. 

The main motto of this website is to provide dresses that make you comfortable and feel classy. So, if you are also one of those who want to try such fashionable products, you can try this website. But, at the same time, it is important to know about Is cazina Legit so that we can move ahead with the shopping on this website. 


  • Website Type: Cazina is an online retail website. 
  • Type of Products: It supplies fashionable dresses. 
  • URL:
  • Website domain:
  • Domain Age: Cazina is less than one year old. 
  • Email Address: 
  • Address: Not available
  • Contact Number: Not Available
  • Shipping Details: Cazina provides free shipping for orders up to $79. 
  • Return Policy Details: Cazina accepts a 30 days return of the product. 
  • Refund Policy details: It arranges the refund once the company receives the returned product. 
  • Certification: Cazina possesses HTTPS certification. 
  • Payment Method: No details are available. 
  • Social Media Website: Not available. 

Positive aspects of Cazina: 

As per the Cazina Reviewsthere are some positive factors about the website which we must consider.

  • The website has HTTPS certification for securing the privacy of consumer data. 
  • The website also provides 30 return and refund options, a viable option for consumers. 

Negative aspects of the Cazina website: 

  • The website has its account on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, but it is not active. 
  • There are no consumer reviews available about the website, and therefore there is no clarification about the website. 
  • The contact details about the website are also not so clear to understand the website functioning. 

Is cazina Legit

  • Domain Age: The domain age of the Cazina website is less than a year because the website was created on 9th June 2021. So, the website’s credibility decreases once the domain age is less. 
  • Social Media Platforms: There is an account of this website on Facebook and Instagram, but the website is not active, and therefore, we cannot get much Information about this website from social media pages. 
  • Consumer Reviews: There are no consumer reviews available about this website, either on its official website or any other page on the internet. 
  • Trust Score: According to Cazina Reviews, the trust score of the website is less than 5%, and therefore, this clarifies that we cannot trust this website unless we get vital information about its legitimacy.
  • Policy Details: The positive factor about this website is that the website has mentioned its policy details. 
  • Contact Information: There is no contact information about the website except the email address; no contact number or company address. 
  • Payment Details: The website has not mentioned the payment details about the website. Therefore, this website seems to be suspicious. 
  • Security: There is HTTPS certification which is a positive sign for the website. 

What are Cazina Reviews

According to the research about this website, we could not find any information about the consumer reviews. There are no reviews about the website’s functions or features either on its official website or any other internet platform. In addition to this, you can learn security tips from PayPal Scams

Final Verdict: 

The advent of the internet propagated online shopping, especially for fashionable products. But, not all the websites are secure. Therefore, you must understand the legitimacy of the website before moving ahead with shopping from the site.

We hope you are clear with the Cazina Reviews that the website seems to be suspicious. Which product would you love to buy online? You can share the details in the comment section below. Furthermore, learn more about the tips to overcome Credit Card scams.

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