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Chauncey Killens Slim {Aug} Know About Recall Election!

Chauncey Killens Slim {Aug} Know About Recall Election! >> This post contains news related to the Governor Election in one of the provinces of America, which is to take place next month.

The California recall election to be held on 14th September 2021 will be the fourth recall election in the history of the independent United States. Chauncey Killens Slim is one of the members among 46 candidates running for governor post, and he is from Republican Party.

California has a history of recalling its governor since 1960; for the record, against every governor, there was an attempt made for recall. In 2003, the attempt succeeded, and Arnold Schwarzenegger replaced Gray Davis as a governor of the province.

California Recall Election:

There is a trend of recalling its governor in California as fifty-four attempts have been made until now. The sixth attempt of recalling was made on present democratic governor Gavin Newsom. Chauncey Killens Slim and forty-five other candidates will participate in this election to be held on 14th September 2021.

The main reason behind recalling Newsom are listed below:

  • The state policy on homelessness and immigration was one of the main reasons for six recalls till now.
  • The job loss and lockdown led to heavy financial strain on the general voter.
  • The higher tax imposed by the authority during financial hardship added to public misery.
  • French laundry party attended by Newsom was the final trigger point for his recall.
  • Initially, the governor tried to defend his actions but later apologized for attending a French laundry party.

Chauncey killens slim and other candidates:

Chauncey is an avid supporter of Donald Trump and actively participated in the Capitol Hill demonstration of January 2021. At that time, only he showed his desire to run for the California governor post, and the incident of governor recall presented him the opportunity.

In his e-Fundraising portal, he has made his vision for California clear as he supports most of the policy initiatives of former president Trump. He supports traditional family values and is against the leftist way of thinking and their ideology.

Some of the other republican running for governor posts are listed below:

  • Kevin Kiley – California legislator
  • Caitlyn Jenner – Former Olympian
  • John cox – Businessman
  • Larry elder – Talk show host
  • David Hillberg – Actor

Do Chauncey killens Slim and others have a chance of becoming governor?

As slim and other republican is running for governor post, their chances of getting elected are difficult. There are around 22 million registered voters in California, and among them, 10.3 million are Democrats while 5.3 million are Republican voters. 

 Points related to California recall election:

  • There will be two questions in the ballot paper (1) shall governor Newsom be removed from the governor post (2) Among 46 candidates you think should replace Newsom.
  • For Newsom to remain in office, more than 50 percent should answer NO.
  • If the answer is in Yes then-candidate getting the highest vote among candidates running for election will be elected.

Final verdict:

Chauncey Killens Slim and other Republicans will have to woo the 5.1 million registered voters who fall into the No party preference category. As many candidates are running for election, the vote will get scattered, and candidates getting the maximum can win, but first of all, “NO” should be more than fifty percent of people voting.

If you are one of the voters of California, please share your views on the candidate preference in the comment section and give your opinion about the post below. To know more about the California election, read it here.

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