Cheeky Lion NFT (Nov 2021) Collection Of Digital Artwork

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Have you learned the abilities and owner’s details of Cheeky Lion NFT? If not, then this write-up will help you.

Do you want to be informed about fresh NFTs that have unique features? Then, look at this post once for detailed clues. 

The traders are hunting for marketplaces that might let them experience a hassle-free experience while trading. So, an NFT platform called OpenSea is emerging nowadays and is attaining respect from the people of Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States

Also, it allows the users to trade their NFTs through various wallets, including the Metamask wallet. 

Recently, an advantageous Cheeky Lion NFT has been added to serve the best to their customers. 

What is OpenSea?

It is an online marketplace where products, including gaming items, digital art, etc., are sold and bought for profit. Moreover, its headquarters is located in New York City, founded by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah on the 20th of December, 2017. 

In this platform, users can make their marketplace utilizing their software. In addition, they can also set their limits and price as required. However, if you desire to sell in this marketplace, consider that your projects should be within IRC-721 standard. 

A Few Words On Cheeky Lion NFT

As per the sources, it is a private accumulation of 10,000 NFTs stored as ERC-721 tokens. In addition, it was released on the 7th of November, 2021, at 9 am EST. 

Moreover, if the user claims a beneficial Lion in this platform, they will access their member’s section, i.e., Club Bar. Also, there are chances of winning a Legendary Lion if you select the appropriate features of items properly. 

Who is Its Founder?

After finding clues on the token, we have noticed that Cheeky Lion NFT has several personalities aimed to provide the best perks and are mentioned below-

Name Role
Anastasia Designer 
Chris Director 
Tristan Marketing 
Abraham The Developer 

Specifications of NFTs

  • There are ten legendary lions, for which one trader can win up to $5000 as a bonus reward.
  • Its total sales volume was $980.41.
  • The trader can hold rare and arbitrary NFTs to earn profit in the future.
  • The user can customize the level of features and rarity of the item. 
  • The average price of a single Cheeky Lion NFT was $490.2.

How To View The NFTs?

As soon as it is minted, the user can notice it by connecting the wallet to OpenSea. 

What To Do With It?

The benefits of these NFTs are huge; however, the user can set their Cheeky Lion as a profile picture. In addition, they can trade their Lions for capital. Furthermore, when the Cheeky Cougar Club launches, they might receive a ‘Free Cheeky Lion Kid NFT.’

Final Words 

In this article, we talked about the Cheeky Lion NFT to know its utilities, such as additional bonus rewards. Also, we have detected that OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace that has zero gas fees. 

In addition, the NFTs can be used as your display image, which you can sell/ buy for a profit. Visit here to know more about NFTs

Do you think that Cheeky Lion is safe? Kindly let us read your thoughts about the token in the comment section. 

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