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Chicfay com Reviews {July 2020} Think Before Buying Here!

Chicfay com Reviews 2020

Chicfay com Reviews {July 2020} Think Before Buying Here! -> In this article, we would be reviewing a clothing e-store that has managed to satisfy its customers successfully.

large number of women wants’ to get connect with nice collection of clothing and accessories? than Chicfay com Reviews will be your answer to grab your lovely fabric. 

In today’s competitive market, there is a lot, and an immense competition for every good and service offered. Many companies face a very close neck to neck competition with their competitors. So, as to lead and stand out in this competitive market, everyday companies come up with some new and exciting products for their unique identification. 

To cope up with this competition and for unique identification, every company adopts several measures also which can be multiple payment options, free delivery option, many offers and some discounts.

In this Chicfay com Reviews, we would be providing our readers with the complete review of the website, which is offering a complete range of clothing for women topped with some accessories. Currently this website is gaining lot of customers from The United State and is doing well there.

Read the complete article to have an overview of the company.

What is Chicfay com?

Chicfay com is a professional e-store that is dealing with women’s clothing. The product pieces which the company offers are at affordable prices plus it comes with amazing offers and deals.

The products which the website offers include a wide range of tops, dresses, swimwear, including different types like one piece, bikini, coverup, tankini, wetsuit. Also, they offer the top fashion trends from all over the world 

Currently, the website is gaining a broad audience from The United State.

There must be some questions that might come to your mind after reading this – Are the products genuine? Is the website legit? Is customer money safe? What re the reviews of the products?

All of the doubts and questions will be cleared once you read the article further.

Specifications of Chicfay com 

  • Comfortable clothing range 
  • Also offers plus size options
  • Trendy collection
  • Shipping 100% free worldwide
  • Processing Time – 2-7 business days
  • Shipping time – 7-14 business days 
  • Order cancellation – within 24 hours
  • Return – applicable
  • Payment modes – PayPal only
  • Contact details – contact form on the website 

Is Chicfay com a legit website?

Chicfay com is offering a wide range of products in supreme quality and with 100% comfortable fabric. Also, they are providing 100% free shipping all over the world, which also attracts customers. 

Also, the site provides many options for swimsuits, tops, and accessories to choose from. There is a categorized listing helping customers with the ease of selecting the right product. Hence, the size chart helps the customer to have an appropriately fitted piece when delivered.

Considering all the points we listed, the website is legit and is proving products to the utmost satisfaction of its customers.

Pros of Chicfay com 

  • Comes Plus sizes as well
  • Have various design and colour options 
  • Extreme collection for teens as well 
  • Ships worldwide
  • Comfortable fabric
  • Trendy products
  • Easy returns and exchanges

Cons of Chicfay com 

  • Return shipping cost is to be borne by the customer.
  • The refund takes 20 days to reflect in the account.
  • Lingerie, Bodysuit, Swimwear, and accessories are non-exchangeable.

What are customer reviews on the product?

The products are so trendy and are hyped in the United State. People are reordering the products as they are pleased and satisfied with the quality they have received. 

The product range is fantastic, and the reviews we also collected points that the product is promising.

Chicfay com Reviews that we collected from the internet does not suggest any evidence for the negative review of any product.

Some people talked about the amazing quality and colours the company used, and some were happy with the fitting they got.

Concluding it, the customers’ reviews we received are all positive and pleasant. Also, we would like to add that the company was able to come up and mark the customer satisfaction.

Final Verdict

The product range offered by the website is all wondrous and is different plus trendy. It is catching customer eye from across the globe and is praised and reordered.

The company has managed to satisfy the customer and is doing well in the same direction.

Also, the customer reviews suggest that the products are trendy, and people from all over the globe are admiring them and looking forward to ordering them.


    1. I ordered two bathing suit and have not receive an email regarding shipment and I have contacted them four times with no reply back.

      1. I ordered a bathing suit on April 20th, got an email saying that it was shipped on April 26th and I still haven’t received it. I’ve emailed them about 10 times and no one has responded to me at all. Very pissed off

    2. I order from here was giving tracking number and everything, never received the item, contact store through the email giving and never received a reply. Fedex told me the company never to contact them to find the package. After several attempts to contact chicfay I get nothing. At this time I’m just very upset with this company and will make sure none of my friends and family will order from this them.

      1. I ordered a swimsuit on April 1, 2020. It is July 7, and I haven’t even got a confirmation on it. Summer will be over before I get it! Very loaded.

    3. Did you ever receive anything? I ordered a new bathing suit on 5/25/20 and have not received anything except for notification that my payment was made. Guess I wont be wearing my new bathing suit when I go on vacation next week.

    4. I’d like to know how long does it take to receive the products? I don’t want to order a bathing suits and summer be gone before I receive it.

    5. I ordered on May 8th!! I’ve emailed them multiple times without any responses! Tracking says it’s still in China. Today is June 15th! I already had my bank flag them as fraud and my bank returned my money.

    6. Let us all report this online company as fraud. I ordered May 19. Got email June 2 that it shipped. Today is Aug 2 and nothing received and no uodated shipping
      China IS originating location

  1. i ordered 4 bathing suits early may 2020 and nothing has arrived. I will give it to
    the end of may and then i will report as fraud.

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  3. I ordered mine May 8 and still have not received item nor have I gotten any response from emails I’ve sent inquiring about my item

  4. I want to order a bathing suit but am worried it will takes months to come. Any feedback on how quick they deliver?

    1. Don’t do it… I ordered my bathing suit on May 7 and I have received nothing. They do not respond to emails either. I wrote a poor review, but they only publish the good ones. Good luck!

      1. This is misleading. I hope you will visit the right web page to get the proper response with an excellent delivery service. Thanks for being in touch…

  5. I order swimsuits on may 11 still have not received a email or my swimsuits but you have done and got money i want my swimsuits

  6. Good Luck. I ordered a bathing suit April 24 2020. Today is June 5 2020. No response to the three emails I have sent. I did get a tracking number, but the information provided has not changed since May 10 2020.

    1. I played a order on May 3, 2020 still have not received it tracking number said it was sent to air line over a month ago. Have sent several email no reply

  7. I ordered my swimsuit 5/8/2020 and still haven’t received anything saying my order ever shipped, no responses to emails (re: where is my order?), and never even received my swimsuit.

  8. Order#1981 Ordered in April i have a tracking# it’s still in Shanghai China. When will I receive it???

  9. Did you ever receive anything?
    I ordered a bathing suit on 5/25/20 and have not received anything except my payment that went through. Guess I wont be wearing my new bathing suit on my vacation next week.

  10. Sharon – Did you ever receive your suit? I am wondering the same thing as you! I ordered about 10 days ago and have not heard anything from them!

  11. I ordered a Bathing Suit 5/9/20 and have yet to receive it: no updates I have no idea where it’s at when it’s going to get here I sent several emails , nothing. Can you please advise me as to when I can expect my swimsuit and hopefully it won’t be before the summers over.

  12. I ordered a bathing suit may 5 2020 received a tracking number and it’s in limbo in Shanghai, if this is legit!
    Waiting patiently giving up hope.

  13. I ordered 5 swimsuits on May 15th for a summer trip, and I STILL haven’t received them! I leave in 2 days (June 20th). When I try to track it, it’s in Chinese, which I cannot interpret—and the last posting was June 7th! I’ve emailed the company 4 times & have heard NOTHING!! I’m MORE than mad!! I want a complete refund!!

  14. I ordered A swimsuit on May 23, 2020 It still shows it in China according to the tracking! I want the item I paid for or a refund. This company appears to be a fraud!(Chicfay) I sent several emails to the email address provided with no response!


    1. Thank you for doing this. Unfortunately, I think I used a credit card and not PayPal this time. I also find it interesting that several people wrote terrible reviews, but none of those were ever published on their website. I’m not sure why everyone keeps saying the site is legitimate. I ordered the bathing suit on May 7 and today is July 1 with no replies to any of my emails

      1. We are not the owner of this site; we are just here to inform you kindly visit the website and quest the answer.

  16. I still haven’t received my swimsuit and never received a confirmation or tracking #.
    I’m a Very unsatisfied customer!

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  18. I ordered a simple swimsuit,paid and all.I have waited over a month and a half now and have sent them 3-4 emails without a single response!They took my $$$ and now will not answer!!Very ticked off and need some answers!!!😡😡

  19. I ordered June 6th and received a notice June 28 that it was in Shanghai with a tracking#. No updates yet. From reading all these I don’t think I will be getting my cute new suit. I will give it to end of July then filing fraud with my credit card. This stinks, the suit was really cute!

    1. Let all do it..

      The FTC encourages consumers to file a complaint whenever they have been the victim of fraud, identity theft, or other unfair or deceptive business practices. They can do it online, or by calling the FTC’s Consumer Response Center at 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357

  20. I ordered a bathing suit on June 20, 2020 and still have not received it!!!! I’ve emailed them a bunch of times and haven’t heard from them… I’m NOT HAPPY right now! I sure hope I will actually get it!!

  21. DO NOT ORDER OR BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY; THEY ARE BOGUS! My scenario is the same; I ordered a bathing suit in April; it is almost August; and nothing yet; no one responses to emails either; I did not realize when I placed my order, it was shipping from China. I would have never, never, never, ordered from them. BIG SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. I ordered my swimsuit May 7, 2020, it is now almost August 2020.
    Have i received an e-mail say it was shipped? Yes
    Have they replied to ANY e-mails? NO
    Have i received my swimsuit? NO
    Is this company a SCAM? YES
    My theory of where all of our swimsuits are is….
    Some bald guy is strutting his stuff around some airport shipping hub wearing our swimsuits laughing at us all.
    Will I ever order from this place again? Negative!
    Am i trying to get my $ back thru PayPal? YES

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