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Cintex Wireless Reviews (Aug) Learn The Benefit Program

Please read this article to learn about the Cintex Wireless Reviews, which cover a government benefit program providing free wireless services to the needy.

The governments put in their best efforts to uplift the standard of living of their citizens, especially the needy. The responsibility has increased in the situations like the one our globe is facing currently. The Covid-19 scenario has resulted in the downfall of many families’ sources of income. Specific programs have come to the rescue to provide disadvantaged individuals with amenities. 

In today’s article, we have talked in detail about the Cintex Wireless Reviews, which has provided mobile services to many citizens of the United States through its programs. 

What Is Cintex Wireless?

Cintex Wireless is an organization conducting Lifeline Assistance programs through which the government provides wireless aids to the natives free of cost. In addition, it is presently functioning in the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program, or the EBB program, wherein more benefits are being provided to the deprived citizens who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Cintex Wireless offers its free services almost all over the United States. It aims to keep the families in the nation connected to basic facilities such as education, medical care, and employment. The unbiased Cintex Wireless Reviews on the Web imply that this program has benefitted many families in need

The Benefitting Programs 

  • Lifeline Assistance Program – This offers eligible families to receive one free smartphone per household along with monthly plans. In addition, various other features like three-way calling, Wi-Fi connection, and caller identity are covered in this program. 
  • Emergency Broadband Benefit Program – This is a limited offer that commenced on 12 May 2021 for the natives, where they can receive a free smartphone of popular brands along with unlimited data and talk time. There are several Cintex Wireless Reviews regarding this program on social media. 

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the schemes, the household’s overall income should be equaled to or lesser than 135% of the guidelines given by Federal Poverty. The subscribers, who are already involved in Supplemental Nutrition, Veteran Pension, and Tribal Lands programs, are eligible for this scheme. Ones who want to enjoy the benefits should provide proper documentation as proof.  

Genuineness of Cintex Wireless

The subject portal is more than 20 years old and was created on 7 October 2009. The trust score of the website is 76%, which is an ‘Average Trust Index’. Thus, the organization seems authentic as it has legit social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Cintex Wireless Reviews

The users of this scheme have provided gratifying reviews on social media forums about the free devices they have received. Although there are some reviews about the delayed services, the same have been proactively handled by the team of Cintex Wireless. 


Based on our findings, we would suggest you sign-up with this company if you meet the eligibility criteria of their schemes. One can enjoy the branded smartphones with unlimited services under the limited period Emergency Broadband Benefit Program. You can visit the Facebook profile of Cintex Wireless  and learn about their assistance programs.

Please share with us are your opinions about the Cintex Wireless Reviews below. 

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