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Cladder Wordle {May} Find How It Improves Mind IQ Level!

Gaming Tips Cladder Wordle

This guide provides detailed information on the Cladder Wordle game with the expected information to play with different modes to solve.

Looking for a new word game for your kids? The Cladder is a puzzle game developed and implemented with the new idea of the word game. It is specially designed for grown-ups with a bit of ease, and it is part of a hackathon wordle at work.

Those looking for new games Worldwide can try the game to improve their knowledge. Cladder Wordle is the new featured word game specially designed for kids. This guide will help you with the gaming details, where to play, and how to play.

How to play the Cladder?

The game has some rules to play. Follow the steps mentioned below, which will help you play the game.

  • Open the official game link of Cladder (
  • To solve the puzzle, you will get 10 clues and need to solve them in 60 seconds.
  • You change the one letter from the previous word to get the answer.
  • In the Cladder Game, there is no penalty for the incorrect attempts of your guesses.
  • You have a choice of 1 skip; it costs 5 seconds.
  • If you completed today’s puzzle, you must wait to play the next puzzle.
  • Every day at midnight, the new puzzle will be ready to play.

Modes to play the game

There are four different types of modes to play the Cladder word game. The modes are,

  • Dark Mode: Details Not Available.
  • Hard mode: The choice of skip mode is not available in this mode. 
  • Selection mode: On the selection mode of the Cladder Wordle, hit the tile to change the letter as an alternative to typing the entire word. It is more effective for mobile players.
  • Teacher mode: Teacher mode selection is designed for classroom claddering. In this mode, the timer is disabled to inspire cooperative play.

Tips for playing the Cladder

  • You have a word in the grid box. 
  • Guess and change one letter in the grid.
  • If your guess is incorrect, you will get a chance to find it. You have only 60 mins to solve the puzzle.
  • If your guess is correct, you win the wordle.

Cladder Wordle: Statistics

The statistic of the game displays your gaming status after your play. You have an option to share the game with your friends. The statistics show your game analysis of the number of games played, the count of the game you won, and also the winning percentage. It displays the average timing and fastest timing of the win in secs.


The Cladder word game is simple and easy to play for the growing-up kids. The amazing design of this guessing game improves the guessing knowledge to improve the IQ level. Cladder Wordle displays the statistics with the answer if you can’t find the puzzle after 60 secs. Interested in playing the Cladder word game? Click here. 

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