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Clags Wordle {Sep 2022} Check Hints For The 446 Puzzle!

Gaming Tips Clags Wordle

Here is a guide to tackle Clags Wordle as published in the New York Times on September 8, 2022. This list compiles all hints and solutions to the game.

Is Wordle your top choice in playing online guessing games? Ever wondered how your game could improve with one hint? The daily, web-based word game poses a challenge to guess a random five-letter word. We employed all guess mechanics to reach the right Wordle answer.

Many users from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and India brainstormed the solution for Wordle 446 on September 8. Check out this guide below to help find the solution for Clags Wordle.

What is the correct answer for wordle #446?

The answer for Wordle 446 is “CLASS,” and many users guessed it incorrectly as “CLAGS.” Words beginning with “CLA” have many possible endings for completing a five-letter word. Direction and vocabulary of an individual change the trajectory of the intended solution word. Many people took wrong guesses for “CLA,” which led to the wrong answers.

We did an in-depth study and analysis of what possible hints can lead us to the correct answer. The correct guess should be “CLASS,” and here is a hint guide to lead to that. 

Clags Game: Know The Hints!

  • Today’s Wordle consists of a double letter  
  • This is used as a noun and word that groups people together. 
  • Starting and ending letters “C” and “S,” respectively. 
  • Major Hint: The word is the first half of study spaces installed in school for assembling and seating students. 

How to Play Wordle!

  • Fill in the tiles with appropriate guess words
  • Check for which tiles turn green (correct letter, correct placement), yellow (correct letter, wrong placement)  and gray (wrong letter, wrong placement) 
  • Continue to guess along and make appropriate changes to reach the solution. 

Check Class & Clags Definition

  • Class Meaning: “Class” could mean a group of people divided by some criteria. “Class” could mean a group of students at a learning institution. “Class” could be a mode of teaching a skill to people who are interested in that. 
  • Clags Meaning: Clags is the type for “Class.” It could sound similar to a word group of nouns dealing with petty machinery and fitting parts. It also sounds similar to the word “clog.”

Why is Wordle #446 trending? 

Many users made errors with Wordle 446 and ended up guessing “CLAGS” instead of “CLASS.” This led to people questioning – “Is Clags a Word?” And most certainly, CLAGS is not a word. The word had a similar structure to CLASS, and many players’ guessing mechanisms faltered, leading them astray to a word like CLAGS.

Note – All the details present here are taken from reliable internet sources.

Final Summary 

We can see that many users had trouble boiling the answer down to the correct answer- novices and enthusiasts alike. Wordle 446’s solution was “CLASS,” not “CLAGS.” The solution had a double letter, increasing the game’s difficulty

Even after locking down the correct position of “S,” many could not figure out the solution to Clags Wordle. Have you guessed the Wordle 446 answer correctly? Let us know in the comments below. 

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