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This article deals with the story behind Claire Rothman Lakers. The write-up highlights detailed information about the life history. 

Do you know who Claire Rothman is? 

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Claire Rothman is a businesswoman in the United States. She is married to a person who has a multifaceted business.

Claire stated that she put her efforts into the business. She tried her luck in several business fields and got success. Later, she became an integral part of the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Here, we highlight more details of Claire Rothman Lakers.

Claire Rothman Background

Claire Rothman got married to a businessman. Her husband owned almost all the big hotels and hospitals in Atlantic City and Philadelphia. She was in charge of finance specifically, but she also looked after several other facts in the business.

When both got their way parted, Claire started working in Spectrum Arena as a bookkeeper in Philadelphia. She got promoted within a year and a half as a business manager. After, working in other places in other cities, Claire became a part of the Lakers. 

Claire Rothman Lakers were very famous in those days. Therefore, Claire Rothman became the president eventually.

Story Of Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers is a basketball team based in Los Angeles. They played professional basketball. In 1985, Claire became the general manager and the president of the forum. 

Claire’s job was to plan the home game. She finalizes the dates of the game. She also fills the rest of the dates with other performances. She was in charge of music concerts and other entertainments organized by the forum.

Why are Claire Rothman Lakers trending?

On the 6th of March, American television channel HBO premiered a sports drama series called The Winning Time: The Rise Of  The Lakers Dynasty. The sports drama series is on the famous basketball of the 80s.

Max Borenstein and Jim Hecht created this sports drama series. It was directed by Adam Mckey. 

There are ten episodes in the series. It is the reason for trend recently. 

Some famous actors are there to play the roles of the persons associated with the Los Angeles Lakers. For example, the role of Claire Rothman Lakers is played; by Gaby Hoffmann. Other casts in this series are : 

Jerry Buss, played by John.C.Reilly

Magic Johnson, played by Quincy Isaiah

Pat Riley, played by Adrien Brody

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The latest sports series launched on the 6th of March in HBO brought the interest in people worldwide. This article discusses Claire Rothman’s background story. He is involved in the famous professional basketball team; The Los Angeles Lakers. 

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