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Are you searching for information on the accident that occurred in Clarendon Hills? Recently a tragedy occurred in Clarendon in the United States, where a truck got hit by a train, and many causalities have been reported in the incident.

Nowadays, many accidents have been reported, and the major cause is rash driving. We have mentioned the details of the tragedy in the Clarendon in detail. We suggest you scroll down and read all details on Clarendon Hills Accident.

What happened in the accident?

There was a horrible collision between the truck and a train in Clarendon Hills. Both were moving. A woman has been killed travelling in the train, and also many were found to be injured in the collision.

The people living there have complained about the dangerous conditions due to a currently going project. People who witnessed the incident said it was like watching a movie scene. People at the station heard the loud sound of the collision, and they felt helpless as they couldn’t do anything at that moment.

Clarendon Hills Metra Accident

It was reported that around 8 in the morning on Wednesday, a truck was travelling with two men in the seating section.

When they were crossing the track, suddenly, their truck got stuck over there. On finding the truck stuck, the two men seating in the front jumped out of the truck in a hurry. The woman seating in the car got killed by the impact of the collision as she got ejected by the train smash.

The person sitting in the truck suffered minor injuries, whereas one death was recorded due to the Clarendon Hills Train Accident collision.

Injuries reported in the accident:

It was reported that the person who was travelling in the truck had suffered minor injuries. Two metra workers have suffered injuries, whereas the woman travelling in the car has succumbed to death from the collision.

According to the reports, the train driver was not alert as he ignored the signal to slow down and twitch the track; the incident was devastating. While crossing the tracks, we should keep ourselves on alert, and in case the vehicle gets stuck, one should move out of the vehicle to avoid incidents like the Clarendon Hills Accident.

Many residents pay almost no attention since they have never seen a train, just at the highway-rail crossing that they pass through every day. Railways do not follow a strict timetable. It could be on any rail, travelling in any way, at any moment. So, one must be careful about it.


The Train accident was devasting and caused many fatalities. One woman was found dead in the incident, and four minor injuries have been reported. We have given all the details in this article about the train incident. To get all details, we suggest you read the complete article.

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