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This season are you planning to shop for coats and jackets? Good quality and comfortable jacket or a coat are a must-have item in your closet. In the United States, where the temperature is always suited for such clothing items, one such company sells premium quality products. Reviews checked the site, which has listed various coats that are excellent for formal or traveling. It is stylish and comes in different colors and styles. Everyone needs to shop decent coats for themselves, be it summer or winter. The site is useful for giving customers what they need and look every day easily.

We also checked the website if Is Legit or not. Most websites nowadays are selling fake products, and we felt at the end of the day, we should make our customers aware of such scams. 

Let’s read down below to know if there are a jacket and coats that can fit your needs.

What is Cleanliq?

It is an online shopping site to let the buyers choose the best stylish clothing sites. The users can shop, order, and get those styles delivered at their doorstep. The buyer’s lovers the different products that it offers and the affordable range. They cater to men’s clothing for which they can wear the styles as formal or casual. The site is operated from the United States

However, we ask our customers to check if the site is legit or not and go through the specifications, pros, cons, and reviews. 

Specifications of Cleanliq:

  •   Website type: Online clothing shop 
  •   Website link:-
  •   Shipping:- Free shipping online 
  •   Returns:- 14 days after the receipt
  •   Cancellation:- Not mentioned. 
  •   Refunds:- As soon return accepted 
  •   Company address:- No mentioned
  •   Customer support:-
  •   Payment mode: PayPal, Debit and Credit Cards

Pros of Cleanliq

  • The site has a variety of clothing options.
  • Different modes of payment modes.
  • The site is https SSL secure
  • They provide the newsletter to their subscribers
  • They have good customer service information and section.  

Cons of Cleanliq

  • The domain is only a few days old. 
  • The products have no description.
  • The company addresses and contact details are not mentioned. 
  • There are no details about the products or sites on the internet.
  • There are no reviews from the customers. 
  • No social media handles are available. 

Is Cleanliq legit or scam?

We checked all the products, and the site was analyzed. Many things got pointed out that there is no product description for any item. The customer needs the size or the various info to make the buying decision. Also, customer reviews are missing. There are no social media handles and searched. 

Other important information, such as owner detail, contact, and the company’s addresses, is not found. The domain was listed only a few days ago. A domain too new is potentially suspicious. We have recorded that the site has it has low traffic and doing poorly in terms of popularity. Cleanliq is ranked bad amongst other websites by the Alexa rank. The website has massive discounts that are suspicious, and the content is also plagiarised. The copied content decreases a website credibly. Consequently, the site looked like fraud and created just to scam people’s money. 

Thus we need our customer to not spending their time or money on the site. To the question “Is Legit” is that the site is a scam. 

What are customers saying about Cleanliq?   

The Reviews check the customer’s reaction and views about the products sold on the website. After our thorough evaluations, we know there is no online presence of the site. Some customers complained that they had scammed their money without delivering the item. The absence of any social media pages proves that the site is not trusted if they have no customer base. 

Final Verdict:

As already discussed, all the website parameters above the site are too new and the domain not too long ago. The site is potentially suspicious and has a very low Alexa score. 

The website does not have any information like addresses, returns, and contact numbers. The customer reviews and ratings are all nil. The absence of any social media pages also raises red flags. 

Thus there ask the customer to look for other good shopping sites if they want to invest money. The website is started to get people hard to earn money. The site is a scam and not to be trusted at all. 

We like to read your comment below about what you think about Cleanliq.

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    The payment went through PayPal. I sure hope this company is legit.

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