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Cleanlypros.com Reviews [July] First Know its Legitimacy

Cleanlypros.com Reviews [July] First Know its Legitimacy -> The article reveals the brand authenticity and its original version of selling disinfectant cleaner.

Are you in a rush to shop cleaning stuff for your place? The online shop of cleanlypros situated at Cleanlypros.com claiming to sell the branded Lysol cleaning products at an unrealistic price.

Our Cleanlypros.com Reviews will occupy the place in the digital space and be the eye-opener. We assume that the real views will meet you on time and assist you in making the right shopping decision.

The site encourages users to clean their surroundings with Lysol as it kills 99.9% of germs and gets you out of the dig of worse health issues.

Still, the question that strives in every customer mind, i.e., Is Cleanly Pros Com Legit? This question will get answered in this article. So hold your seat and grab a mug of coffee and read out the item.

The site is stretching its selling in the United States. So US citizens, before making any purchase decision, it’s time to call for in-depth insight site analysis.

What is Cleanlypros.com?

The online store portrays to be the hub of selling Lysol items. The store has recently jumped into the online world after the Pandemic attack.

The site is known for selling Lysol items like sanitizing splash, hand wipes, antibacterial shower, disinfectant cleaner, etc. However, the site pricing is too less; it sounds to be an unrealistic attempt.

The website appears to be a hot topic in the customer’s world surrounded by Cleanlypros.com Reviews. It tries to sell branded cleaning agents with the best prices than its competitors.

Is the store is a genuine one to hold? Or the information about the store is authentic that it professes? The site claims to be the safest mode of shopping.

As you know, the Coronavirus has flared up the birth of many online stores. And Cleanlypros.com is among the ones; it stood in the digital space to be the foremost reasonable selling brand of Lysol.

Website Specifications

  • Website Type – selling Lysol cleaners
  • Design of the website – Stuffed with varied products
  • Shipping details – Within 5-7 days
  • Delivery details – After shipping
  • Refund Policy – Within 30 days
  • Contact Details – Contact us page is given
  • Mode of the payment – PayPal

Pros of shopping via Cleanlypros. Com

  • Reasonable pricing
  • A varied collection of cleaners
  • Great deal and tempting offers
  • On-time delivery

Cons of shopping via Cleanlypros.com

  • Only Paypal is the payment option
  • Quality difference 
  • Fewer customer reviews

Is Cleanly Pros Com Legit?

During our introspection, we examine the site is failed on our parameters. The site only accepts PayPal, which is not acceptable for any official online store. The site approaches to deliver the fake address. 

The location of cleanlypros.com belongs to a Toy producer. The incredible discounts on the website are a pre-planned trap to troop users to their stores.  

Even the authentic and official Lysol website does not offer such massive discounts, So the above wordings shouts a big scam.

The store is too new to trust; it has not given any proof of having a franchise of Lysol brand. The smart attempt of looting customers by Cleanlypros, they copied the homepage of Lysol and started their venture. Check out the Cleanlypros.com Reviews for further analysis.

What are the customer’s reviews about the Cleanlypros.com?

The customers are experiencing the bitter truth. The users spoke out their shopping journey by visiting the bank and merchants’ offices for their refund amount but their failure to grasp.

Smart techniques loot the users, many users have filed a complaint against the site, but no action has been taken yet.

The users say in the name of Lysol, they received a bad quality cleaner. On further investigation, users found that the site is a new entrant and doing suspicious things to gain customer attention.

Final Verdict

As we study the Cleanlypros. com Reviews: We get to know the site gives a great impression to be the perfect shop to visit, but it failed and was trapped in its vicious circle.

The site is not registered to sell Lysol Products. Therefore, what the site is doing is not acceptable by Law.

We recommend you do not trust such sites and get things by Amazon Merchandise, as in case you didn’t like the product, you will get your full refund. Don’t get into the words and offers of scam sites.

Reach out to us by commenting on the comment section, share your shopping experience, and help thousands of shoppers. 

0 thoughts on “Cleanlypros.com Reviews [July] First Know its Legitimacy

  1. Dont go to the website! It is a scam. Me and many others have fallen victim. There is no contact info and you will get a fake tracking number for your order!! Don’t do it!

  2. Total scam. I got a “shipping update” the day after I ordered saying the products were delivered the previous day. The day I ordered, really??

  3. I placed an order and the PayPal payment went to a person for a higher amount than the product total . The DHL tracking number given was fake. I have been trying to go through PayPal to file a claim.

  4. I’ve fallen victim as well. A friend sent me the link and I ordered over $100 items paid with PayPal and never got a confirmation email or anything. And in less than 24hrs I received a mail that my stuff is delivered. ,😳I looked at the tracking number details and they claimed to have shipped the stuff 2days before I even made the purchase. Called my bank and they say I may get my refund in over 2 months time. Don’t fall victim. Be WISE!

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