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The article Clonex NFT is about a project in which Clone NFTs will be launched. All the possible details are given; please read.

What is NFT? What is Clonex? Can we buy Non-fungible tokens? Are NFTs easily tradable? Are NFTs related to gaming?

A non-fungible token, or NFT for short, is a unique, remarkable crypto asset with a fixed number. An example would be a collectible card in a game like CryptoKitties. Another example is the ERC-721 standard, which defines how to build digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain. So people in the United States, Australia, and worldwide want to know about Clonex NFT.

What is Clonex?

Clonex is an NFT project making clones of humans (digitally). They have over 20000 different avatars in total. The main goal of the project is to simulate life without any real-world experience.

Because the real world is brutal to simulate, the idea was to make a virtual world where the user can live a virtual life. Of course, the user can do whatever they want, but making these clones is traveling through galaxies and creating more stimulations like these.

New Metaverse avatars will soon be ready for a big launch, and then you can have your own Clonex NFT.

Background Story 

The mastermind behind this project is three extraterrestrial beings. They came to the earth from a planet known as orbitar located in the Draco galaxy. They wanted to evolve humans, so they transferred the traits and human behaviors into the metaverse clones.

Now, in the civilization with more advanced technologies, humans are not around, but their clones reside on the evolved planet. And these clones or avatars can travel around different galaxies in search of places where they can create habitats or similar simulations.

They claim to have collaborated with The Murakami to make those avatars look iconic and mind-blowing.

Road Map Of Clonex NFT

The primary goal of this road map is to provide the users with the metaverse that is accessible for real-world stimulation.

  • Metaverse: they will provide you access to a 3D file that you can use across platforms.
  • Wearable: You can customize your clone as per your liking. They are providing a new collection of clothes.
  • Ecosystem: give access to an extraordinary ecosystem to experience a world with the clonex.
  • Events: You can also own collectibles in real life.

Other Details

The company has an excellent social media presence. The launch day is near, and NFT collectors are excited. Anyone can own a Clonex NFT. 

One can buy these clones for themselves upon the launch of public sales. But the clones are limited, so you must also mark your dates if you want to be the owner of a Clone X.


This project has been launched, and it is trending among avid NFT collectors. A unique idea and a background story make this project attention-worthy. Unfortunately, not enough information about the clone is available because it is not yet launched.

Here is the link to the Wikipedia page of this NFT. Visit and learn more about it  

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