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Clothify2u Reviews [July] – Is This an Online Scam Site?

Clothify2u Reviews [July] – Is This an Online Scam Site? -> In this article, online shoppers get to know whether they should buy products from here or not.

Are you planning to replace old and boring clothes with designer dresses? Well, Clothify2u will help in making essential changes in your personality.

Clothing2u is an online seller of designer dresses, fashion accessories, and much more. Moreover, women can buy trending range in shoes that will offer maximum comfort. As per the Clothify2u Reviews, this site offers enormous discounts on accessories, sneakers, daily shoes, sandals, etc. to the people of the United States.

The kind of accessories you wear matching your clothes helps reflect your personal style, preferences, and taste. Also, the accessories offer numerous options to wear clothes differently. Clothes take more space in the wardrobe, and adding accessories into it will help complete your appearance.

In case you also look to revamp your style, then you can read the entire review. Going through the whole write up will let you know Is clothify2u Legit or not.

What is Clothify2u?

Clothify2u is popular apparel online that sells everything from trending shoes, women dresses, fashion accessories, and much more. Even purchasing them from the site is secure.

Clothes create the majority of your personality, but accessories are also vital than you imagine. Both accessories and clothes play a vital role in bringing the best out of you. They create an ideal harmony that expresses your style and who you are.

If you also want to give more importance to personal style, you can consider buying clothes online. Do check the details of this site.

Why is Clothify2u unique?

In case you want to get noticed quickly by others without spending more on it, you can consider buying them from Clothify2u. Having detailed information on the online site from where you plan to buy clothes can help make the right decision. 

Specifications of Clothify2u.com:

  • Product: woman dresses, fashion accessories, shoes, tops, etc.
  • Website:    https://www.clothify2u.com/
  • Email: service003@manyhnice.com,
  • Address: Not mentioned 
  • Parent Company: Not mentioned 
  • Contact number: : Not mentioned 
  • Time of delivery time: Not mentioned 
  • Shipping cost: Not mentioned 
  • Refunds: Not mentioned 
  • Returns: within 30 days 
  • Ways to pay: PayPal, Master Card, Visa Card, Western Union, etc.

Pros of buying Clothify2u.com:

  • Helps improve personality 
  • Improves your dressing style 
  • Different variety of shoes
  • Attractive offers

Cons of buying Clothify2u.com:

  • Limited Clothify2u Reviews 
  • No contact information 
  • Lesser information on “About us” section
  • No email mentioned

Is Clothify2u Legit?

Clothify2u is a leading portal that sells unique and out-of-the-box collections of designer dresses and fashion accessories. 

The fashion accessories are secondary supplementary to everyone’s clothing, and no look is complete if you are not wearing matching accessories with it. Accessories complete a look of the garment along with enhancing the overall look of the wearer as well.

In case you want to look elegant and style differently, you can consider choosing amazing styles from Clothify2u. The reviews of the customers will help to know Is clothify 2u Legit or not.

What are people saying about Clothify2u.com:

Clothify2u claims to an apparel selling site that has a different variety of clothes available. But we don’t believe that buying from this site is worthwhile. Even a lack of information on the site disappoints many customers. 

The company has not given any details regarding the shipping time. Also, it doesn’t provide any email address through which the customers can contact the company’s executives. Also, the shoppers are not presented with any facts related to the whereabouts of the site.

Also, in case we consider online reviews, this site lacks it as well. Today when we love posting our reviews and sharing feedback on the internet, it is possible that Clothify2u doesn’t have any reviews. 

There are many ways to buy dresses online. You can see numerous websites on the internet flooded with lots of dresses and accessories. But now all online portals are useful. So we believe that you must not purchase from this portal.

Final Verdict:

Latest dresses and accessories are every woman’s best friends. We all want to have eye-catching accessories and dresses in our wardrobe that can help in creating influencing a strong style statement. But sometimes we hit the wrong website that later doesn’t meet our expectations at all.

Clothify2u is one such website that looks more like a scam. No Clothify2u Reviews on the portal make future customers conscious.

Clothify2u is not legit, and thus there no worth buying it from here.

0 thoughts on “Clothify2u Reviews [July] – Is This an Online Scam Site?

  1. Clothify2u is a huge ripoff scam. i ordered a few items totaling $18. they then after confirming the items added more items to my order and charged me $100. i tried to contact their support email and received a response of “Thank you for your trust and for choosing us.
    Due to the impact of COVID-19 and our poor management, our business is
    facing bankruptcy, so we need to clean up inventory and employees.
    Please forgive us for not providing enough customer service to answer
    your inquiry. Products and prices are subject to the website display.”

    i followed the links provided to try and resolve the issue, only to be sent to a completely different website that couldn’t find my order/tracking number.

    i have had to put in a dispute with my bank and cancel my card. even the bank thought it was a scam where they would try and take more money out in the futurre

    1. I was scammed also ordered something for £20 the got got charged £52 on things that i didn’t order

  2. I ordered 10.00. They charged my card 160.00. Luckily my credit card stopped payment and notified me. Dont order from them

  3. I tried to place an order with this site, but have not even received an acknowledgement from them.

  4. Thank you, I was actually considering buying from them but the lack of contact information, no reviews or info on shipping time made me uncomfortable

  5. Ordered a dress from here said it was $1.59
    Turns out my account was charged $71.50
    What the he’ll!!

  6. This is a fraud company I share the same experience like you all, am currently in dialogue with my bank to get the refund which they charge me. I should pay 2.86 US which is $418.00 JA and my cr. card was charged$9,766 JA . Please dont attempt to run your cr. card on this site. My bank quickly cancel my card because of this .

  7. They almost got me for $700 but thankfully Master Card would not take it. The attempt was for an I iphone in Florida. I live in Ohio.Go back Go back

  8. I ordered from this site, having received my order. That been 2 month. Can’t track my order what order any more.

  9. I have also made an order with this company, I got through to someone who gave me a song and dance about restructing, bankruptcy, , and there was an extra charge of $60 dollars to some company in china. well now i know , from all the comments, I too have been taken, I think that their website should be taken down , I went looking for this page, wish i had found it before i made an order, Live and Learn I guess.

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