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Clothmyths Reviews [May] – Pros & Cons of Shopping Here

Clothmyths Reviews 2020

Clothmyths Reviews [May] – Pros & Cons of Shopping Here -> This article will tell you if a site is legit clothing or not.

Have you been scouting for online sites that sell perfect printed masks? Then look no further than Clothmyths and check out everything it has to offer. 

We know the importance of masks in the current scenario. Why not have it jazzed up? Numerous sites have experimented with the cloth mask, and the results will have you wanting to splurge some money. 

Clothmyths Reviews discusses one such site. The site has more to offer than just masks, and you will find that out as you read more about it in this review. 

The site has set up its base in the United State and seems to have fully active social media pages. It helps customers find comments discussing their purchasing experience. The analysis provided by this review is sure to tell you whether it is safe to make purchases from the site or not. 

What is Clothmyths? 

Clothmyths provides users with a platform for online shopping from the convenience of their homes. It offers you with women’s wear dresses, swimsuits, tops and also printed masks of various styles. 

They aim to provide casual fashion options to women and ensure satisfaction. The options provided are limited as they believe less is more when it comes to fashion. This review shall also give you Clothmyths Masks Reviews

The clothing looks interesting as it is mostly figure-hugging and lacy. If you like tie and dye t-shirts, you may like the tie and dye sets available on the site. You may find it challenging to get a hold of the brand as there is no phone number provided. There is, however, online messaging available. 

What is unique about the Clothmyths website? 

The printed masks are the unique thing about this site. Keeping aside your regular black cloth masks, they provide you with more creative options. One of the costumes available covers till the neck, acting like a bandana. 

They provide fabric details of the product, which tells you that they are very stretchable and breathable—hence assuring that they stay in place. The product is different, and certainly not something you may have seen elsewhere.  

Apart from the masks, the 2-piece swimsuits on the Clothmyths website are worth raving about. You will find these in multiple prints and colours! This is what makes the site very unique and worth looking at. 

Specifications of Clothmyths website 

  • Product- women’s wear clothing and masks 
  • Website-
  • Email- not provided 
  • Phone number- not provided 
  • Delivery time- a 12-25 day is standard, 8-10 if paying for express 
  • Shipping fee- $6.99 for standard, $19.98 for express
  • Exchange- not mentioned 
  • Returns- within 30 days from the date of receiving 
  • Refunds- within 7-10 days back on the mode of payment 
  • Payment- online via visa or master card, PayPal, Discover, etc. 

Pros of making purchases from Clothmyths website 

  • Provides wholesale options with extra discounts
  • Innovative masks available on the site 
  • Site is secure with an SSL certificate 
  • Can make secure purchases as details will be encoded
  • Allows easy returns 
  • The money will be refunded to the mode of payment used 
  • Provides worldwide delivery of products 

Cons of making purchases from Clothmyths website 

  • They provide no contact information 
  • No address provided which means that the site could be functioning out of China 
  • Expensive delivery charges 
  • Free delivery only on making purchases of $69
  • No exchange policies mentioned 
  • Images could have been taken off Google/Pinterest. 

Customer feedback of Clothmyths website 

Clothmyths website provides most products that have reviews on them with stars. The rating seems to be a tad bit high! Let’s see what the customers have commented on. 

 Most customers comment about being satisfied and give five stars to the products. They also mention that their order arrived on time, and the quality seemed to be top-notch.  

One user commented that her order came in 2 months late and had protruding threads, a strange foreign smell coming off the fabric. 

One of the other concerns was the mode of payment, as there is no COD option available.

One mentioned that the comments and reviews helped her concluding when she was searching for things to purchase from the site.

Final Verdict- 

This Clothmyths Reviews would have told you that, for the most part, the site seems legit. Most fast fashion sites today lack contact information yet seem to deliver their orders on time.

To conclude, you can make purchases from the site as the reviews speak in favour of this online store. 


  1. I ordered masks from your company and haven’t gotten any confirmation response . My order number is: 0V000119570.

  2. I bought something from Clorys. The charge came through as Pink Queen who I have never heard of. These three companies seem similar. It has been well over two months and nothing. I cannot get a response other than a form letter saying my package has shipped. When I track it, it says a label has been printed. I contacted my credit card and they have opened a case against them. My suggestion is don’t buy from anyone that you are unfamiliar with.

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