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Cloudnola Block Clock Review (August) Is This Legit?

Cloudnola Block Clock Review 2021
Cloudnola Block Clock Review (August) Is This Legit? >> The write-up shares a review of an elegant and attractive marble effect clock. Click here to know the product authenticity with each detail.

Are you looking for pretty and attractive clocks to purchase? Do you want aesthetically pleasing room decor? Or do you have an eye over new trending and functional clock designs? If yes, then read this article to know more about such a product.

In this post, we will discuss the Cloudnola Block Clock Review, which will help people of various countries across the globe, such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

What is Cloudnola Block Clock?

Cloudnola Block Clock is a beautiful marble effect clock that can go with any room décor and will certainly complement your interiors. The marble effect makes it a very subtle and refreshing piece of décor item. 

The clock design is not only aesthetic but also functional. The clock has a function to set the alarm for three different times. It also comes with a USB cable and batteries. The following sections will help you know more about Cloudnola Block Clock Review.


  • Product Price – $45       
  • Product box content – Block clock, USB cable, three batteries, and instruction manual
  • Charging Type – You can use both batteries and a USB cable     
  • Number of Batteries needed – 3 battery slots are available        
  • The shape of the clock – Square  
  • Clock Type – Digital      
  • Texture – Marble texture      
  • Alarm – You can set the alarm for three different times    
  • Shows Time – Yes    
  • Shows Temperature – Yes    
  • Colour of the clock – White    
  • Waterproof – Not specified  
  • Sound Detection mode – Yes, Sound detection mode is available


  • The block clock is a very functional piece of electronics inspired by aesthetics and new fashion trends, an essential point for people looking for a Cloudnola Block Clock Review.
  • The block clock has a premium look because of the marble effect, which elevates the clock to the next level. 
  • It is not only powered by a battery, but you can also charge it with a USB cable.
  • The clock also has an alarm mode, and you can set the alarm at three different times
  • The clock has a cool sound detection mode feature. This feature will enable the clock display to go off and turn on when sound is detected.
  • The block clock doesn’t only show time, and it also shows the date and temperature.


  • The clock doesn’t have a timer feature, which is a big drawback which is a disadvantage for people looking for Cloudnola Block Clock Review.
  • The clock is not waterproof, which makes it vulnerable to water spills. Desk clocks should be waterproof as many people unknowingly spill water, coffee, or any other liquid on the desk or objects on the desk.
  • The sturdiness of the clock is a bit questionable as nothing is mentioned on the site about its durability 

Is Cloudnola Block Clock Legit?

The block clock is very aesthetically pleasing and will be a great addition to your desk, bookshelf, or any place in your home. But before buying the product, you should first look for the authenticity of the brand which is selling the product. For more awareness about Cloudnola Block Clock Review, please read below:

  • Name of the Brand – Cloudnola
  • URL of the Brand –
  • Age of the Brand – Cloudnola is four years and six months old, and the portal got created on 28 January 2017.
  • Contact Details – Physical address, contact number, and e-mail address are available on their website.
  • Customer Review – There are unbiased reviews on the brand and the brand’s products available over the internet.
  • Social Media Connection – The brand has an Instagram account.

 According to the above information, the brand seems to be authentic.

Cloudnola Block Clock Review

There are no reviews about this specific product over the internet. However, there are many products of this brand that had pretty good reviews. 

The brands Cloudnola also have genuine reviews on Amazon on their products such as metal textile clocks, wood desks, alarm clocks, flipping clocks, Rubik cooper clocks, etc. Check the Instagram posts of Cloudnola to know more about the brand and its products.

The Final Thought 

The clock will be a lovely addition to your home décor as it is both aesthetic and functional. It is perfect for the living room, desk, bedside, guest room, or bookshelf. Still, we would suggest our readers examine Cloudnola Block Clock Review before buying the product. Also, please read How to Determine Legitimacy of Product to make better online purchase decisions.

Did this article help you while purchasing? Then do post your viewpoints.

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