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Cmiert com Reviews (Nov 2020) Is the Website Safe?

Cmiert com Reviews (Nov 2020) Is the Website Safe? >> This article explains everything right and wrong about the website dealing with innovative products.

Cmiert com is a website that appears to be very spooky. The web page has made many of its customers doubtful as to whether the site is legit or not. People wonder if buying their products is safe or not. The site does not provide an excellent variety to its customers but has some exciting and attractive things that have pulled people towards itself. 

So, for all those people out there wondering whether to purchase or not from this website, we bring you Cmiert com Reviews by including all the information we could gather about the web page, which claims to provide support, whether you belong to the United States or China. Let us start with the article. 

What is Cmiert com website?

By looking at the homepage, the website seems pretty legitimate. On the homepage, the sideshows are a Christmas sale with up to 40% off on the product. By scrolling down, we can see some of its products like the Crystal Snowman and the Crystal Tree. After that, we see that the website asks you to subscribe to their newsletter, making it pretty much legitimate. 

Cmiert com Reviews have found that the website was registered in 2020 and is powered by Shopify. 

Shopify is a United States-based company that is an online platform that helps start, run, and grow any commerce business. It has already helped approximately 1 million businesses to grow worldwide. 

What does the company claim?

We at Cmiert com Reviews found that the company provides a separate “about us” page where they have claimed many things. The page says that the company’s fundamental vision and mission is to help its customers express themselves. 

All they want is to support them. They have said that they provided their customers with all sorts of customized products from highly professional suppliers and production teams with whom they keep close contact and wet them daily to fulfill their selection process. And this is not the case, as seen from their “Products” page. They only have some limited products to offer.

However, they claim that they have a customized collection for every occasion, profession, passion, hobby, or anything and provide their services irrespective of the fact that where you are from or who you are. And that’s not all. If the customer needs something that’s not available with them, they can contact the company and get the product specially made for them on time. 


Cmiert com Reviews provide you the essential specifications of the website as mentioned below-

  • Email- service04@shopify-vip.com
  • Contact- no contact number provided
  • Address- Room 2403, unit1, building 5, Wanda Plaza, Hongqi Street, Changchun
  • Shipping time- not specified
  • Shipping charges-   
  • for orders over $39.99:
  • Standard shipping service (12-20 days): no charge
  • Express shipping service (5-12 days): $5.99
  • VIP shipping service (3-5 days): $9.99
  • For other orders:
  • Standard shipping service (8-20 days): $5.99
  • Express shipping service (5-12 days): $9.99
  • VIP shipping service (3-7 days): $12.99
  • Return policy- applicable only within 14 days of receipt; product should be unused and in the same condition as the original packing
  • Refunds- only on returned products provided they are applicable for refunds; also offered on cancellation of the order
  • Cancellation- option provided until the order is produced or shipped; once shipped, the option is unavailable 
  • Payment method- PayPal

Pros of Cmiert com website:

  • They provide a full description of the product on the web page, including photos of the work from various angles, tutorial videos, different color options, sizes, and other specifications.
  • Provide discounts. 
  • Free shipping while buying in bulk. 
  • Have a return and refund policy.  

Cons of Cmiert com website:

No detail about the background of the company. 

  • No customer reviews available on the Internet. 
  • No social media handles.
  • No proper contact information was provided.

Customer Reviews: 

Cmiert com Reviews are thus not available over the Internet and can not be found on their webpage.

Final verdict:

Cmiert com Reviews provided you with the correct details of the website; however, nothing can be yet said about the website’s legitimacy and its products because of no customer reviews available on the Internet regarding the website. The website does not provide any contact number or any trustable email address.

The email address does not seem to be their own and instead is believed to belong to Shopify. Thus, we cannot declare anything about the website as official and accurate. We advise you to look for some customer reviews of the website before buying any product.

11 thoughts on “Cmiert com Reviews (Nov 2020) Is the Website Safe?

  1. I’ve seen people say they ordered a moving musical Christmas tree ornament from here and have received a laminated photo of it. Definitely a scam website unfortunately 🙁

    1. Goodness, same here, I thought I was ordering a Wonderland Crystal and got a laminated portrait.!! My stupid! Was not paying attention.

  2. These people are not legit. I ordered a Thomas Kinkade Christmas Snowman from them and received a laminated picture. They whole sight is a scam. Please never order anything from them. They are Chinese con men.

  3. Terrible company. I purchased a product that was falsely described and got something completely different from what I thought I was getting. The company claimed they were at fault and were duped by the manufacturer who provided the description and advertising information, it appeared. They first tried to get us to keep the item for a discounted price, but we did not want the item. They said they will refund the money if we return the item to China and we pay for postage. They admitted it was their fault, but they refused to refund our money without paying to return it to China. It was sent to us from California, but they said it cannot be returned to that address. And, we cannot locate this PayPal payment transaction.

  4. I also recieved 2 laminated pictures of snowmen, instead of the beautiful crystal figure w/ moving train that was depicted in the description of the product….so very pissed!!!!

  5. I ordered both Things Kincaid Christmas musicals and recieved laminated paper copies! Going to the bank to report this company and get my money back! D

  6. I also only received laminated papers of the items of Thomas Kinkade instead of the products, I too am going to the bank and get a refund

    Moi aussi j,ai reçu deux stikers en plastiques au lieu des arbres que j’avais commandé alors ne commandé rien site frauduleux je me suis fait avoir pour 30$ c’est des bandits ils devrait se faire dénoncés.

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