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Coitem com Reviews [July] Is The Site Legit or Not?

Coitem com Reviews [July] Is The Site Legit or Not
Coitem com Reviews [July] Is The Site Legit or Not? -> In this article, you will read about a website that sells attractive apparel items for women.

Have you been looking for a website to fulfill your outfit demands? Then here are the Coitem com Reviewsto guide you further.

Shopping can never be underrated even if there’s a pandemic hitting the world. Whatever the case may be, shopping must go on. Therefore, our reviews about the websites will go hand in hand, along with your shopping. 

We will let you know about the websites deeply to keep you away from the scam sites and protect your money. 

Before shopping online, one must be thorough with that particular site. One of the United States-based website called Coitem had been launched recently. Thus, we will brief you about the same. Keep reading to know.

What is Coitem?

It is a website that sells apparel items for women in the United States. They are a recently launched website with items categorized in Tops, Collections, New Sale, Jumpers, Bottoms, and Dresses. The Coitem com Reviews reveal that they have an extensive collection of women’s apparel at discounted prices. 

There is each type of dress on this site. The swimwear includes Bikini sets, a stunning group of one-piece, and Cover-ups. Their ‘About Us’ page says that they have ‘a vision to bring storytelling back into jewelry.’ They believe that jewelry can let you express yourself, inspire you, and represent the things that are of the value to you.

They say that they provide unique designer style pieces, affordability for the masses, and high-quality materials. They claim to deliver the best quality at a reasonable price. They have been able to do this because of their long-term relations with the manufacturers over the years.

Before making any transfers, get knowledge into the particulars of this site, its focal points, pitfalls, conclusions from clients, and fake news.

Specifications of Coitem

  • Website link:
  • Website type: A website that sells apparel items for women
  • Shipping time: Not specified on the website
  • Delivery time: Within 3-5 business days locally, 2-3 weeks internationally
  • Cancellation: Applicable unless the order is shipped
  • Exchange: No free exchanges; report within ten days of receipt of the order 
  • Return: Within 14 days
  • Refund: Applicable, within 5-7 business days 
  • Shipping cost: USD 4.99 for the United States
  • Email id:
  • Contact information: (716) 830-1315
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal

Who is Coitem for

This website is best for women who love shopping and are willing to add-on a variety of outfits to their stock of apparel. There is a collection of endearing clothing items on this website for women all over the world.

Get an insight into their pros and cons hereunder.

Pros of Coitem

  • They have provided complete contact information.
  • The website is SSL certified.
  • The website has provided the policies adequately.

Cons of Coitem

  • No valid links provided for social media.
  • There are no customer reviews.
  • The cash on delivery option is not available.

Customer reviews about Coitem

The people who are willing to deal with this site might face a risk of receiving counterfeit goods or nothing at all, not even a response from this website. 

A valid site always inputs a customer review section on their page, which is missing from this website. The customers cannot write anything about the products they have purchased. Moreover, the links provided on the website for social sites do not work.

This website is entirely new, so it doesn’t contain any customer reviews. Hence, we would prefer recommending the customers to stay away from this website unless it seems reliable.


This website has come into existence in the year 2020 itself; hence it seems unreliable. The ‘About Us’ page of this website says that they deal with jewelry, but the products they are selling are the apparel items. 

Besides this, they might have provided complete contact information, but nowadays, many websites have been using residential addresses that make them a fake site. You never know, if they have provided a piece of accurate information regarding the same or not.

Coitem com Reviews say that after inspecting the details provided above, we would like to state that this website is not legit, and thus, we do not recommend it to our readers. However, we have provided enough information about the site for anyone to make a wise decision.

Have you placed an order with them yet? Please share your views with us in the comments section below.

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  1. Add to the list! I recently made the mistake of ordering a set of steak knives from (at a 1/3 discount) then checked here and found it was a scam. Got my money back from PayPal today. I searched for the same knives and found the exact same ad, price, description etc. on!

    1. Yes I ordered a Stihl leaf blower for front of them not knowing they was a women’s clothing website and now cannot track the package or find out any information about it nor have I been sent a receipt just a withdrawal from my bank account and I did pay with PayPal it’s a scam

    2. Jump at the company page to know the terms & conditions, refund policy, and price policy also then shop…, thanks for being a part here… thank you for connecting with us…

  2. I am afraid it is not legit. I just ordered a food dehydrator from them today. I got an email from Paypal stating that the seller put the tracking number in the email and posted that it had been shipped himself. That was strange. So I looked up the tracking number and it showed that an item had been delivered to me five days ago. What they did was they went into my PayPal account and found the last item that I ordered and took that tracking number and put it in my email. The item cost me $45. My bank just cancelled the payment and it cost me $39. I learned a lesson the horrible way. Please spread the news. Help take this site down. Here is a copy from the Email from Paypal: TIOSHA added shipping details. Please note that the tracking information and shipping status are shown exactly as the seller entered them.

  3. I did the same thing, just read and said it was delivered last month when I just placed the order 3 days ago. How do I get my money back from PayPal? Thank you in advance.

    1. Add me to the list,I ordered a window air conditioner for 74.00 and the $$ was taken but it went to an email called warren Lowe.Nobody answers the phone cause it is always busy.STAY AWAY.

  4. Received a tracking number through paypal that was bogus. The tracking number provided said that the item was delivered more than a week before I placed my order. Neat trick.

    Repeated attempts to contact the seller via phone and email were ignored.

    Avoid this site.

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