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Collect Tomato Basket Fortnite {Dec} See Week Challenge!

Collect Tomato Basket Fortnite {Dec} See Week Challenge! >> Are you on the lookout for the week four challenges in the online video game? If yes, read here!

Are you a great fan of an online game called Fortnite? If yes, you would most probably be looking for Collect Tomato Basket Fortnite for week four challenges.

Fortnite week four challenges are now officially live in countries like Australia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. So let’s explore the location of tomato baskets and other related things in today’s article.

What is Fortnite?

Launched in the year 2017, Fortnite is an online game gaining popularity in countries like Australia, United States, Canada, United Kingdomand the NetherlandsThis game was originated from ‘Epic Games and is available to play on platforms such as Android, iOS, PS5, Xbox, Pc, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft, and classic mac.

This online video game is free to install, and the cost of a unique feature is $9.50.

What is Collect Tomato Basket Fortnite?

It is a week four challenges in the Fortnite game where players are asked to collect tomato baskets from the nearby farm. Just like other challenges of season 5 in Fortnite, collecting tomato baskets from the nearby farm is one of the new challenges which players need to complete within seven days to claim rewards.

So let’s find out the locations of Tomato baskets in Fortnite.

Location of Tomato Baskets in the Video Game-

Based on the player’s experience, we found that tomato baskets in the Fortnite online video game are available at three locations. Out of which two sites to Collect Tomato Basket Fortnite are near each other while the third is on the east side. 

You can find the first tomato basket at ‘colossal coliseum,’ found in the middle of the desert. Simultaneously, the other two tomato baskets can be found in the kitchen of the farmhouse lying near the fridge; and the other on the upper floor of the barn or just underneath the roof.

All the tomato baskets’ locations seem to be close to each other; the real trouble in this challenge comes when you try to beat other players to get the tomato basket first.

List of ongoing Week 4 challenges in Fortnite-

  • Collect Tomato Basket Fortnite to claim 20,000 battles Pass XP.
  • Legendary quest.
  • Ignite and dance near the tomato shrine.
  • Damage opponents through pickaxe.
  • Destroy the structure of enemies with a pickaxe.
  • Elimination within 5 meters.
  • Elimination at shields and full health.
  • Elimination below 50 Health.
  • Operation Snow Down; will end soon.

Final Verdict on Collect Tomato Basket Fortnite

To grab season 5 cosmetics in Fortnite, players need to complete challenges before it ends, as some of the game’s challenges are for the limited time. Thus, complete the challenges and earn rewards before it ends.

Were you able to find the tomato baskets at a nearby farm in the game? Share your answers with us in the comment section below.

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