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Computer Mill Reviews [Jan 2021] Will It Legit For Shop?

Computer Mill Reviews 2020

Computer Mill Reviews [Jan 2021] Will It Legit For Shop? -> Hey, readers! If you are searching for E-bikes, gaming software, and other gadgets, have a look here.

Computer mill is a webshop that supplies you with electronic gadgets and parts of gaming software across the United States.

It seems many youths are enchanted with these gadgets, and they crave for gadgets of higher technology. But these products are not available everywhere, either you have to search for them in a particular online store or any shops. Only a few stores offers you a unique and genuine quality gaming accessory, computers, and software. To buy accessories of high quality and warranted products, you have to search for the best stores available online.

Here you will get to know a clear view of reviews shared by the buyers and customers. Further, you should be clear that all the electronic gadgets be it a small or big  are expensive , so try to buy these items from only those stores which offer you return facility. 

Is legit?

The customer’s reviews judge the legitimacy of the site and its days of existence. The computer mill site is one month seven days old site. The domain of the site is created on 21st October 2020. So the place which had been in the market for less than six months are very doubtful to be believed. Additionally, we didn’t find solid buyer’s feedback and response about this site in our research.

Because the website is only one month, seven days old, we cannot predict it’s honesty and scams. Talking about the feedback on Instagram or Facebook, no comments have been found yet though a separate page of this site is socially present.

Due to insufficient reviews on Facebook or Instagram and online, we doubt this site. Readers are advised to have patience till the site receives any reviews.

What is

It’s an online store offering gadgets like E-Bikes, computers, servers, software, Monitor and projector, printers and scanners and gaming software supplying internationally online. This site has a registered domain created on 21st October 2020.

Various details have been provided online about the site’s policy. The site has its page on Instagram and Facebook, with few numbers of people following it.

Let’s have a light view of the specification of the site!

Specification of

  • Website email address-
  • Website contact number- (612) 293- 6284
  • Payment mode- Stripe, MasterCard, VISA, DISCOVER, American Express.
  • Order tracking facility- available 
  • Refund policy- full refund within 30 days.
  • Website type- store supplying electronic gadgets and computers online.

Pros of

  • Webshop sells gadgets of higher quality and technology.
  • Ships the items internationally 
  • The site has its page on the social media platform.

Cons of

  • Absence of positive reviews
  • Charges shipping fee.
  • The site has less than one year of its existence in e-commerce platforms.

What are people saying about

As the website has been in the market for only one month, no one has shared any feedback relating to the site’s legitimacy or scams. Currently, it’s dubious about commenting about this site.

So it’s better that we must wait and let the buyers share it’s experienced first and then think about the site’s trustworthiness.


Now we have become familiar with reviews by going through all the information presented above. The site supplies its products internationally within two weeks. It offers you E-bikes, computers, scanners, gaming software, and a well-reputed company projector with a one-year warranty period. Socially the the has it’s own separate page but the site is only one month, seven days old, which makes us unsure about the site’s trustworthiness. Try avoiding this type of place with no customer reviews.

Is legit? Speaking personally, we are unsure about the legitimacy of this site. Until there is no feedback from the consumer-available online, it’s not fair to comment or create any particular opinions regarding the site’s legitimacy.


  1. I learned this morning that computermill is indeed a scammer. My friend ordered from them and upon numerous confirmations from computer mill, he thought his console was shipped. Computer mill informed everyone on their website via an announcement that they cancelled and refunded everyone. The company is using some lame excuse of death threats. Do not use this company now or ever in the future. I promise you, they will scam you without a care in the world. Only the depths of hell are deserving of these people.

  2. I ordered from Computer Mill. They proceeded to cancel my order. I still have not received a refund for my purchase. I also see a lot of activity on the card I used for the purchase that are not mine.
    I used a new card specifically for purchase.
    Something fishy going on in my humble opinion.
    Computer mill prove me wrong!!!

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