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Some Important Factors In Buying A TONOR Condenser Microphone

Condenser Microphone: Choosing a condenser microphone can be a difficult task for many people. While there are many options available in the market and choosing the best one seems easy, in reality, it is not as easy as it seems! It is important to choose the one that can accommodate your real needs.

Here are some important factors to consider when choosing a condenser microphone:

Pickup pattern variations

The pattern of capture greatly determines the quality of the sound taken. Perhaps the most famous are two patterns; omnidirectional and cardioid. The former can pick up sound evenly (both from the front and back of the device). While the cardioid pattern will reject the sound from the back of the device. If you want less distraction, the cardioid pattern is recommended.

Proximity effect sensitivity

If you are a stage singer, you should consider the sensitivity of the proximity effect of your microphone. Microphones sold have different sensitivities. Some are very sensitive to sources 3 inches apart but others can even accommodate sources up to 15 inches apart!

Frequency response curve

What’s that? It is a curve that displays the measurement of the microphone’s response in response to a particular frequency. Choosing a microphone based on the frequency response curve is very important because you cannot generalize to all frequency sources. If the frequencies you pick up frequently are in a low range, you can choose a microphone that has a large response in that range. Thus the sound output that you produce will be better. If you find it enough to put out up to 5dB at 5K, why would you want a new device that has a much bigger bump in that frequency range?

Power supply

If you want to always be mobile, choosing a device with a power supply is recommended. You don’t want your microphone to lose steam in the middle of a performance!

Noise floor

This is the term for the noise level of the device. You should know that most microphones still produce background noise even if you don’t make any sound. You should choose a microphone with a low noise level.

Now you know about some of the important factors in your condenser microphone. Now is the time for direct recommendations. We’ve tried several condenser microphones and concluded that the TONOR ORCA001 is one of the best. Why? We’ll explain below!

The TONOR ORCA001 condenser microphone has the following characteristics:

– Great noise cancellation: This microphone is capable of canceling noise with just one button. In other words, you can get clear sound almost any time.

– The feature activates and deactivates with just one tap: As a user, you will be able to mute or unmute the sound with just one tap. This feature comes in handy when you’re playing games on your pS4/5, streaming broadcasts, meetings, and much more.

– High degree of compatibility: The two-in-one connector of this microphone allows unconditional compatibility with Mac, Android, PS4/5, and PC. No additional drivers are required at all.

– Zero-latency monitoring: With this feature, listening to recorded content in real-time without echo is possible. You can also control recordings more effectively than when you use most other microphones.

– Cardioid pickup pattern: With all of the above, the cardioid pattern is the last thing you’d expect! Yes, this TONOR ORCA001 microphone is a cardioid microphone that is known to be able to record clearer sound.

Are you interested now? You can get this great condenser microphone by shopping on Amazon. Click this link and get your TONOR ORCA001!

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