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Help! What Kind of Contact Lenses to Choose?

Contact Lenses: Understanding which contact lenses are best for your eyes and your lifestyle depends on many factors. Contact lenses are designed to correct vision defects in the simplest way possible. Which means that the lenses you choose should be comfortable to wear and ideally unnoticeable on the eyes. Choosing the right model also saves us from eye strain and allergies.

Nowadays there are countless models of contact lenses on the market, intended for the correction of most vision problems and needs, such as curvature or sensitivity of the eye. You can buy contact lenses online easily. This scenario can make finding the perfect contact lens for everyone quite complex. Should it be daily or monthly? What exactly is meant by spherical contact lens and aspherical contact lens? And what is special about silicone hydrogel lenses?

That said, in this new article we have prepared for you a small guide on the types of contact lenses and their use.

What types of contact lenses are there on the market?

Short answer: several! But the first distinction we can start from is time. How long should the lenses be worn? One example illuminates everything: daily lenses are usable for just one day. In the morning they are worn, in the evening they are thrown away. No solution, no maintenance. This makes them particularly useful when it is not easy or possible to take care of them: while traveling, on vacation, for sport … There are also contact lenses

  • monthly
  • biweekly
  • quarterly

which can be used for the period of time indicated by the name itself, naturally counting from the day the blister is opened and carrying out the correct daily maintenance with a multipurpose solution suitable for soft contact lenses.

Spherical or aspherical? What will be best for me?

Spherical lenses trace the curve of the cornea (hence their name) and are used to correct the two most common eye disorders: myopia and hyperopia. Modern aspherical lenses are slightly flattened at the edge and therefore vision is sharper than spherical lenses, especially at the edge of the field of view. In some cases, they can be used to correct milder forms of astigmatism, at the discretion of the referring specialist.

What if I want to wear the lenses permanently? Are there any contact lenses I can sleep with?

Yes, they exist. They are called permanent lenses or lenses for continuous use and can be worn day and night, disinfecting and rehydrating them periodically. The materials used to manufacture these lenses provide sufficient oxygen to the cornea. Remember, however, that to start using them you should always consult a specialist, even if you already wear contact lenses.

What are contact lenses for astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a fairly frequent ocular pathology, a refractive defect in which the cornea is unevenly curved. Usually, astigmatism is accompanied by other disorders, such as myopia and hyperopia. The specialist will certainly be able to provide you with all the explanations of the case, together with the correct gradation. While waiting to find out the parameters and the model that the specialist will prescribe, know that contact lenses to correct your problem are called toric lenses.

I see badly from near and far. Are there, like glasses, also progressive contact lenses?

Yes I’m here. And, as in the case of glasses, also in this case there are two focal points: one for distance vision, the other for near vision. So, with the same pair of lenses, you can read and even drive. The modern variant of bifocal contact lenses is multifocal contact lenses.

I hope my guide was helpful.

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