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Cool Edge Air Conditioner Reviews (50% Off) Good Deals!

Cool Edge Air Conditioner Reviews (50% Off) Good Deals! >> Read below the guide to understand the benefits, features and other details of a compact cooling device to have a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Is it almost impossible for you to sit at your workplace or in your home this summer? Also running an air conditioner and the use of huge devices is causing the electricity meter very high. People from the United Kingdom are looking for a great solution; that’s why we have mentioned the Cool Edge Air Conditioner Reviews.

The device is specifically manufactured, keeping the summer environment in mind and the output of it.  

We will discuss its importance and other details and many more catchy buying options for Office and home. At the moment, one can find its availability with Get up to 50% OFF.  

What is Cool Edge Air Conditioner product?

We know that everywhere around the globe, the summer is very tough for everyone. The temperature is rising high and high, and everyone wishes to stay inside to stay away from such a hot environment. But in such sweating and gritted way, the only solution to the user and buyer is this excellent portable air conditioner.

The product is from the Cool Edge, and it is made with the latest technology. This unique technology makes the buyer have a relaxed environment and clears the doubt Of Is Cool Edge Air Conditioner Scam.

The newly designed product speaks about cooling technology and has set a benchmark in its efficiency. Further, we will discuss the specifications and features, so stay with us.

Who can have this product?

The Cool Edge Air Conditioner is designed and meant for people who want to have their environment cool and clean. The product is so compact that it is easy to carry at any place.

It is so user-friendly that even small kids can use it ideally without harming themselves. It is a boon to all those interested in having a low cost solution from the high range air conditioners and having the similar cooling impact as it has Limited Stock Available With Free Shipping. The device is usable at any place and needs no installation steps.

Benefits of the Cool Edge air conditioner:

  • The air conditioner is a portable device, and it can be used at any place.
  • It comes with three cooling options like pure temperature, add water and temperature drops, and the third one is by adding ice and again, the temperature drops, and it blows the cool air.
  • Two units can be used by installing opposite to each other for the maximum benefit in the room.
  • It has a built-in cell phone carrier and also has an Exclusive Offer 50% Discount.
  • It’s fantastic in cooling with a noiseless feature that you won’t feel irritated.

Specifications of the product 

  • Water tank size is enormous, upto 300 ml. Work up to 8 hours.
  • It has three fan speeds and is very silent while working.
  • The airflow section has adjustable blades for the complete, satisfying direction.
  • It can also work as a humidifier.
  • Its battery is 200 Mah, and it has a c-type USB charging port.
  • The box contains the device along with the charger.
  • The air filters help filter the dust and make the air clean, as projected in Cool Edge Air Conditioner Reviews.
  • The price of the one cool edge is 5884/-. Buying more units will cost less.
  • The available colour is deep green.

How does it work?

The technology behind the tiny device is the atomizing of ice water molecules, and they hit in the area. 

Two units in the opposite direction make the room cool and calmer. The clean air then makes the room space more breathable. There are three ways in which it can be used.  

  • Cooling with water – fill with the cold water, let the air do more extraordinary works, and drop the temperature to about 6.8 degrees.
  • Cooling with the Ice –  

one can fill it with ice, temperature to 10.6-degree celsius, and the area become cold, thus ensuring results and answering as no to Is Cool Edge Air Conditioner Scam.

  • Only Air – without adding anything, it can be used as a fan.

How to use the device?

This device is effortless that anyone can install it without any hassle.

Firstly, fill the reservoir with water or ice, whatever you feel like and be kept empty.  

Plug it into the electrical connection port.

Now it is set to use.

How is the Cool Edge better than others?

The various features which make this device unique are the attraction of its high selling.

Its rechargeable battery is the plus point, making it perfect if you are on any camp or road trip.

The various discounts are available on the site for the buyer to enjoy it at a lower cost. Prices are unbeatable as compare to the competitors.

Cool Edge Air Conditioner Reviews:

Genuine buyers reviews act as a catalyst, and hence we are sharing a few.

Linda from the United Kingdom says that this is a fantastic piece, and she uses it to cool the workspace because she has a desktop and notebook with two monitors, which helps cool the environment. After installing it, the place is cool, and she can work fantastically.

Rosy has mentioned in her comment that the fast delivery and the Cool Edge performance just took her heart away.

David has mentioned that this device is very space-saving as it sits perfectly while he has worked with his desktop and is also happy to Get up to 50% OFF.

Where to buy this product?

One can reach the official website at the url https://techsxpro.com/intl/?prod=cooledge&net=1673 to buy this product to avail of the maximum discounts.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Can we place the order for more than one device?  

Yes, this product can be bought in the capacity of a maximum of 5 numbers.

  • Does it have a delivery cost involved?

The product has the free delivery option.


We have mentioned the function and the availability of the Cool Edge in the above sections. Thus it has shown its effects, and it is portable air conditioner and easy to install. Therefore, interested buyers can avail of the offer.

You can share your perspective with us in the section below on Cool Edge Air Conditioner Reviews.

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