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Coolyulify Mask Reviews [April] – Is It A Legit Product?

Coolyulify Mask Reviews 2020

Coolyulify Mask Reviews [April] – Is It A Legit Product? >> Yes, you must be having doubt over this product. Hence, you should read our post, explaining everything about this product. Get proper info before making any order for this mask.

Several websites over the internet are selling N95 masks, and yes it is the demand also. Because of today’s outbreak of the deadly virus, people are in a hurry and scared; they all wanted to purchase the mask without knowing which is fake or which legit. Think if you are buying an N95 cover and get in the trap of deadly virus? So, purchase wisely and check all the details about the product before purchasing. is an online store which sells coolyulify mask; the company claims that it is an N95 mask which helps to prevent the virus. It is also useful in dusty environment and that area which is polluted. There are several masks available on the market claiming to be one of the best. But coolyulify mask reviews are not found positive by the customer; we will cover all the doubts in this article.

Most of the company fool people by advertising lots of benefit about the mask, but none of them will tell you that after a few days the cover should not be used because it will work for few periods. The company will not tell you that mask should be washable. All these tricks are very smartly used by most of the online shopping store.

On the other hand, there are several fake websites selling mask and scamming people, and the authorities have taken no action. Sometimes it is impossible to catch someone who is involved in the fraud activities because they leave no evidence which helps to trace them out.

What is is an online store which sells varieties of products decorative lights, twinkle lights used during Christmas, ornamental plant and antirust mask. They sell the product at a very low price, the price they are offering is less as compared to the market price. They are also giving free shipping to the customer, those customers who will register themselves on the website will get extra discounts from the company. also has gift card option where you can purchase a gift card of a certain amount and can gift to anyone. And that can gift card can be used to purchase any product from the You can buy any product up to the amount which is credited in the gift card.

The company is also giving 30 days where a customer can return the product. It is optional that you can either exchange the product or can ask for a refund. The company will refund the amount to the customer within 10-15 days.

But few customers reported spam to this website, as it is not working at present.

The website is not legit according to the consumers, few of them order the mask from the site but never received the delivery. Many of the customers given negative coolyulify mask reviews, and used very badly abused the website. Form the address; it is clear that this website is not from the United State but a Chinese company. There are lots of Chinese sites working as a fraud website and looking to scam people.

Features and Benefits (Pros and Cons of

Pros of

  • The sell products at a very cheap cost
  • is one stop to all your needs; they sell decorative lights, outdoor lights, ornamental plants, designer cushion and cabinet.
  • You can return the product within 30 days; you will get an option either to exchange the product or to ask for a refund
  • According to the company, they credit a refund amount to the customer within 10-15 days
  • The also N95 mask, which helps to prevent harmful germs and bacteria

Cons of

  • The address of the is not verified and marked as a spam
  • The website is not working at present
  • Site is new, and they have no verified details
  • They are not present in any other social media 
  • Most of the customers are a scam by this website; the website looted their hard earn money as reported
  • The site is a Chinese website, and most of the Chinese are a fraud.

Exchange and Return Policy

  • You can return the product within 30 days; you will get an option either to exchange the product or to ask for a refund.
  • You can only ask for a return only when you received any wrong product or damaged product.
  • You will not be allowed to exchange the product in terms that you don’t want it, only unused merchandise will be acceptable


The information available about the is not found positive; the website is not working. It is our unbiased review; the rest is up to you.


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        1. Waiting on My Mask. I ordered 04/06/2020. No response No tracking, No Nothing. Gonna cancel my payment

    1. I ordered mine April 11th. Never received the package! Use their recommended Arrive tracking app. Only to tell me the package was shipped. No arrival date , no in transit information. Nothing

  1. It is not a scam. I ordered my mask on April 10 and I did receive it on April 25, and I love it. Very comfortable. They do ship from China, so that’s the reason for the long delay. The person did send me a tracking # as requested. I believe this is a person that is just beginning an online business, but the site is legit. Just have to have patience and wait like I did. I knew there are delays in masks and many are shipped out of China.

    1. Are you telling the truth? I ordered on April 9th and today is April 29th. I still don’t have it!! This has to be a scam.

  2. I ordered mine April 4th, NOTHING but excuses from, they’ve been shipped, they’re processing, shipping is taking a bit longer,and my favorite one a bougus tracking number, after SEVERAL email excuses from them I reported them to my credit card company as FRAUD.

      1. I ordered mine March 29th and have not received them yet and no response from them
        I ordered 10 of them any one have a number to call

  3. I ordered mine March 29th and have not received them yet and no response from them
    I ordered 10 of them any one have a number to call

  4. Motherfuckers I’ve been wwaiting for them since the 4th too nothing has arrived ill report them too as fraud

  5. I placed an order for four of their masks on April 4, 2020. After no delivery, I sent an inquiry on April 25 and received a response on April 26 that indicated the order had been shipped asking for my patience as the delivery was delayed due to the epidemic. I also received notification from USPS that a shipping label had been created on April 12. That status has not been updated since that date. No masks have been received as of May 4, 2020.

  6. Received my order – about 2 weeks late – but received it. Ordered 4 masks for $40 delivered. Very satisfied with the masks. They are preferable to others I’ve ordered in terms of custom fit, comfort, easily adjustable ear straps, vent, and choice of colors. Not N95, but with so many communities requiring masks now, they work. I will order these again if needed and hope that deliveries have improved over time.

  7. It took a while but I got the masks and I like the look and comfort. They came with extra filters and my wife told me how to wash the mask. My only concern is does the mask match N95 protection level when wearing it?

    1. I ordered mine the beginning of April… got the run around when I inquired ….No tracking number….Fraud…

  8. I ordered mine the beginning of April… got the run around when I inquired ….No tracking number….Fraud…

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