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Cooplayset com Reviews [June] Worth or Waste of Money!

Cooplayset com Reviews [June] Worth or Waste of Money! >> In this article, we’ll read about gaming product and accessories website and clarify your doubts regarding it.

Planning to buy gaming products and accessories to chill and relax between all that stressful life and hectic schedule but unsure about from where to make a purchase? In Cooplayset com Reviews, we will learn about this e-commerce website in-depth. 

Cooplayset is the United States-based online shopping website deals in gaming products. This website contains a wide variety of gaming products and accessories for the game enthusiast. 

Currently, Cooplayset is offering the sale on each of its items to attract the customers. And the customer’s does not need to spend more on the website in searching for the best gaming item since their strategy of saving buyers time is commendable; the home interface displays all the bestselling products. 

However, this website claims to provide the best service to its shoppers. And if you purchase within two days, you will get free shipping & free return policy. Sounds exciting though! But before reaching on any decision, first make sure the authenticity of the website or the site is legit or not. 

In this article, we’ll read about Cooplayset com Reviews, its pros and cons, what Cooplayset has for you? Is the site safe and secure to shop? And many more.

What is Cooplayset? 

Cooplayset is the online website deals in exclusive gaming products and accessories for game freaks. The website consists of great assortments of products at a significant discount with an easy return policy. Cooplayset com Reviews assure to offer a suitable deal to its customers without compromising in the product quality. 

The products they offer such as Star wars Jedi fallen order console with accessories kit, digital edition gaming console, gears five limited-edition Arctic blue console, wireless controller and many more.

Let’s read further to know more about the Cooplayset com.

Specifications of Cooplayset

  • The URL of Cooplayset com is https://cooplayset.com/
  • The website having a sale on its products.
  • The website has displayed bestselling products on its home page such as Microsoft wireless controller, Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB console white, Microsoft Jedi fallen order Deluxe edition console bundle and so on.
  • The website offers two days of free shipping and return policy for its shoppers. 
  • The payment mode is flexible since you can make a payment through VISA, Stripe, Paypal, Mastercard, and Cash on delivery. 
  • If you require any assistance and face any problem, you can contact them through mail and phone. Email address info@cooplayset.com and contact number – 7608281443

Advantages to shop from Cooplayset com

  • Exclusive high-quality products at reasonable prices.
  • Saves time as the website displays its bestselling products on its home interface.
  • Shop from anywhere you want as Cooplayset deliver worldwide.
  •  Free shipping and return policy available for two days.
  • You can get a great deal at affordable prices since website having a sale. 
  • Customer support services available through mail and phone.
  •  The site looks attractive and runs smoothly due to its attractive interface.
  • The site claims safe and secure payment. 

Disadvantages to shop from Cooplayset com

  • The domain name created just 19 days ago; it is a lousy indication
  • No social media account found. 
  • The website is very new in the e-commerce market. 

What buyer’s feedback regarding Cooplayset com and its products?

There are various gaming products and accessories available on the website with proper product description and pictures, and people also purchased from the website. Thus, there’s no clue regarding the customer feedback on the website neither any social media page found yet. 

We can’t say that the website is fake or a scam yet since we could not found any customer reviews saying anything good or bad regarding the Cooplayset com.

What do we conclude at the end in Cooplayset com Reviews?

According to our research and analysis team in Cooplayset com Reviews, the website seemed promising as it claims that it offers high-quality exclusive gaming items and accessories at reasonable prices with the massive discount offer.

Moreover, the website contains all the required details regarding the company location, contact number, Email address and Warehouse address. But we could not be able to find any customer feedback, and the website is still new that indicates that the website is not considered 100% safe. 

In the end, we conclude that Cooplayset com is not possibly safe and the domain name is just 19 days old so, we can’t judge the site’s authenticity or declare it a scam. 

0 thoughts on “Cooplayset com Reviews [June] Worth or Waste of Money!

  1. god help me.i place an order.xbox one x..I have not hear from them since I place my order.not update on my delivery.i will wait a couple of days before I reach out

  2. I ordered a Xbox 1 1t Minecraft bundle with two day shipping for 20$ extra even tho the site claimed it was free and it has never arrived its been almost a week the contact number is bogus you can’t reach it I think the site is a Scam And I lost 217$

    1. I believe I was scammed, PayPal has no record of the transaction, but the money was taken from my account. The company has not responded and I have not received the items. My son is heart broken this was and I feel so foolish. I am not sure how to even go about getting my money back.

  3. I just ordered off of there and I can let you guys know how my experience with them went in a few days

  4. I order some game controller and never receive the item, this company is a scam, please BEWARE

    1. Same here, I can’t find them, contact them or reach out, I had a gut feeling but my idiocy got the better of me in the end. I got scammed. It is a scam and we need to band together and get our money back. If anyone here is a lawyer or knows anyway we can get law enforcement of some sort involved please text me at 514-963-7497 or email me at Hypermau@hotmail.com. I had ordered 4 xbox’s, but I noticed that their listing are “off”, let me expalin. There isn’t any ” different versions” of the gears 5 xbox one x, there is only one and thats it. Either the listings are made by scammer amateurs or if it is real then they are dumb. Its 1 week and a half and I have not received anything at all. Nothing. Please share your experiences and let me know. Thanks. We need to do something.

  5. Motherfuckers, I’m a lawyer, and I swear we won’t rest until the FBI has you. I don’t care about the money that was stolen from me, my son’s disappointment hurts.

  6. I’m completely agree with you. My daughter is disappointed. This sucks. How do we come after them?

  7. They have at least 3 of the same sites all scamming people. I paid via PayPal just in case for the buyer protection. Usually when things seem too good to be true they usually are. I’m only 2 days in, but have yet to receive and confirmation of order or anything other than from PayPal from which I used to Pay. If anyone has actually received what they ordered please let us know.

  8. I am in the same boat here, ordered a week ago, I cannot find any relevant contact info, absolutely no response. I did contact PayPal so hopefully they can help me out. has anyone tried the BBB?

  9. I believe I was scammed, PayPal has no record of the transaction, but the money was taken from my account. The company has not responded and I have not received the items. My son is heart broken this was and I feel so foolish. I am not sure how to even go about getting my money back.

  10. Three weeks after purchasing Xbox One controller via PayPal. No response from seller. Like others, was charged shipping when it was supposed to be free. Filed complaint with PayPal.

    1. Go for customer care number and talk to the executive for more information about your order…thank you.

  11. SCAM..
    I ordered on June 28, and the price was posted to my credit card immediately. Nothing has arrived yet. Please do not fall prey to the good deals…you will lose your money. My son’s birthday was ruined, I feel so stupid to have fallen for their lies. Beware people!!

    1. We are sorry for your inconvenience, and we hope your son’s next birthday would amazing for next year… for that kindly take the help of official webpage and go for contact us page as well… thank you

  12. My bet is on a scam site. the Phone # above doesn’t match the current only listed on their site and neither are accepting phone calls…. the address is an actual warehouse which was available for rent in 2018 and google currently shows a metal fastener company at that address. ‘.xyz’ should be your first red flag. them accepting cash on delivery another red flag. I copied the address into an e-mail and sent it to my work e-mail who promptly rejected the e-mail (their filters are pretty robust). We just made our $98 donation…. and so the battle with the banks begins

    1. If you have a significant complaint from this site then go for the right customer care number for the correct information and team will surely help you… thanks for being in touch…

    1. I love gaming, I made it real easy for them. (China?) Money was taken June 17th, my daughters birthday.

  13. Bought a Xbox one X June 23.2020
    Or phone#

  14. Same here
    =( I’ve been waiting since June 23rd. Email them and no updates on order, just the same autoreply to be patient with order.

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