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Copper Stallion Media Reviews [May] Is There Any Risk?

Copper Stallion Media Reviews 2020

Copper Stallion Media Reviews [May] Is There Any Risk? -> In this blog, get to know how to make your wedding day memorable with perfects videos and photographs.

Do you like cherished memories captured in a video? Do you not want to miss any expression of your relatives? Wedding Bells are on, and you have no idea which Videographer needs to be hired? is the best site for you!

Capturing the best moments in a video can help you replay your unforgettable and unique moments in your life with the help of a videographer.

Copper Stallion Media Reviews indicates that every client has been extremely content with their work and has also recommended their known’s to go for them.

If you too want your wedding to be memorable for a lifetime and capture all the significant expressions, going for a professional videographer is undoubtedly worthy.

With the increasing craze of the wedding shoots, colourful videos of the visitors having a ball and relatable music in the background, Copper Stallion Media has been extremely popular in the United State and is getting such positive responses from every customer.

After getting to know about the significance of the professionals mentioned above, you might be wondering what would be the next step. 

Well! The first and utmost step should be to understand the properties, specifications and pros and cons of this site. When you are satisfied that the site is legit, you can proceed further for hiring a Videographer or a Photographer for your special occasion.

What is Copper Stallion Media?

Copper Stallion Media is the company of national wedding videography and photography located in Dallas, Texas. Their team, i.e. videographers and photographers, bear a decade of experience to capture weddings.

 It’s a dream of every newlywed couple to capture their wedding day as it is their most important day of life. Therefore their hardworking and extremely passionate team looks after creating a video and clicking the best photos to make the most of your joyful day.

Why is Copper Stallion Media unique?

It has wedding packages which are specially designed to fit any budget. If you are planning to hire a Wedding Photographer and Video Photographer, you can go on their Contact page and fill in your details. Also, you can leave a message, and they will get back to you sooner.

There are many wedding Photographers and the Videographers which are out of the budget. Therefore, here they have an in-budget package, in which best results and cost-saving can be experienced.

Specifications of Copper Stallion Media

  • Services: Wedding photographer and Videographer
  • Website Link:
  • Size: 1 to 50 employees
  • Type: Company-Private
  • Headquarters: Austin, TX(US)
  • Founded: 2018
  • Industry: Film Production & Distribution
  • Social Media: Instagram (
  • Payment Method: Specially designed package

Pros of Copper Stallion Media 

  • No editing is required, you need a beautiful and a particular day, and the team does the rest of the work.
  • The package is in-budget and least expensive.
  • The team is highly professional and punctual.
  • The information on their website is genuine.

Cons of Copper Stallion Media

  • They have not mentioned any email address.
  • There is a lack of any contact number or address.
  • The payment of the package is not clear on the website.
  • For any queries, you need to go on the contact page and fill up the details. There and then, you need to wait for the response. It is a tedious task.

Clients Feedback on Copper Stallion Media


All those clients who have got their wedding shoot done by these experts have many praises to bestow on them. One of the customers writes in the testimonial that he was very much particular about capturing the voices and the behaviour of his fiancé, and it was only made successful because of the Videographers. They capture every moment smoothly, which can be cherished altogether for a lifetime.

Also, the photographs clicked by their highly skilled photographers are flawless, and each picture has a story.

Altogether, in terms of professionalism, cost and results, Copper Stallion Media has grabbed a lot of positive reviews from the clients.

Final verdict

Videos of the special moments and photo clips of occasions, especially weddings, can be highly tempting! However, before hiring a professional team, look into the specifications, its bright side and a dark side and the client’s review, only then you should make up your mind.

Thus overall, getting into the detail, it found that, surely it’s worth hiring videographers or photographers from Copper Stallion Media. In-budget packages, skilled teams and flawless work are some critical reasons that one should employ them for hassle-free results.


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  1. A professional company would work with customers when unforeseen situations arise instead of saying we got your money now get lost

  2. Apparently, there is at least one client that wasn’t satisfied…and was met with a response of unparalleled callousness and outright cruelty. I would encourage ANYONE who attempts to do business with this company to do their research instead of paying attention to “reviews” that are clearly self-serving

  3. You`re a piece of shit! I hope your business goes bankrupt. Shame on you for being so cold and heartless. You`re nothing but a bunch of low life bullies.

  4. Just read about the heartless reaction by this company – Copper Stallion Media- concerning their reaction to the death of a “bride to be”. I’m not in the habit of judging someone or group of people by one incident, but this was heartbreaking & revealing of a company that deserves to be held accountable.

  5. Wedding videographer refused refund after bride’s death, then created website threatening to sue groom

    MAY 26, 2020 / 12:57 PM / CBS NEWS

    When a Colorado woman died in a car crash, her fiancé not only faced grief, but also the threat of a lawsuit from the videography company Copper Stallion Media the couple planned to use at their wedding.

    Justin Montney lost his bride-to-be, 22-year-old Alexis Wyatt, in February. He told local news station KRDO that with his wedding canceled, he tried to get a refund for the $1,800 deposit paid to Copper Stallion Media, the videography company they had hired for the big day.

    The company said the deposit was nonrefundable, and when Montney persisted, they not only refused the refund, they also threatened to sue him, Montney said. The company also created a website using his name — — which they used to slander the groom and abuse him! After the story was published, Copper Stallion Media mocked Montney via Facebook on the day of his would-be wedding, May 23.

    “After what Justin pulled with the media stunt to try and shake us down for a refund, we hope you sob and cry all day for what would have been your wedding day,” the post read. “Sorry, not sorry.” This is the most disgusting company ever. the owner is Jesse J. Clark, who was accused in 2013 of scamming 90 couples in Massachusetts out of money for wedding videos he never made, he’s also being sued by employees that he’s robbed and was once arrested for pedophilia.

  6. Apparently this company has no heart. They won’t refund a deposit after the fiancée died in a car crash. Citing the contract, they refuse to refund the $1,800. Yes it is a contract, but what about considering the circumstances? And they apparently taunted the groom to be after this story went public. Come on folks, how about a little compassion?

  7. This review is a cut and paste review that is identical to the website. After the recent incidents involving this company, no one in their right mind would ever engage in business with company. Their recent conduct with a customer was deplorable

  8. You missed a con…they tend to mock dead people and their loved ones. This company has at least one employee that is a thin skinned piece of crap that needs a firm backhand from his or her Mother.

  9. This “business” is HORRIBLE…according to a national news report, they refused to refund the deposit paid for a wedding after the bride to be died tragically! BUYER BEWARE — CREEP!

  10. I was going to choose Copper Stallion Media…. who does that to people…. don’t you think their lives have been devastated enough and you pour you low life insults.

    Shame on you! Your actions have ruined your company. You are doomed.

  11. You need to update your review after their behavior with regard to the wedding in Colorado,

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