Why Should Corporations Invest in Digital Forensics?

Why Should Corporations Invest in Digital Forensics

Why Should Corporations Invest in Digital Forensics? Read essential details below.

The process that digital forensics experts, investigators, analysts, and officers go through on-scene and how computer forensics software helps to solve investigations and common threats is very detailed. Officers and investigators work on a variety of crimes and threats, such as financial crime, terrorism, etc. Digital forensics experts are introduced to a case in which an accident or breach has taken place digitally. An experienced team of e-discovery servicers can help find, record, and document evidence which can be presented in a court case, as well as help to avoid the attack from happening again. 

Business organizations require digital forensic services to help with multiple issues such as disagreements at work, trade secrets and intellectual property theft, regulatory compliance/adherence, wrong use of company assets, phishing emails and billing fraud. Organizations have become more and more reliant on digital channels to run daily operations and communicate with personnel, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic with many employees now working from home. With this trend, there has also been an increase in cyber fraud.

Digital forensics includes the retrieving, analysis, and preserving of electronic and digital data, and here we will take a deeper look into how these services are beneficial for corporate organizations.

Value of Digital Forensics for your Business

  • Expert Evidence

Evidence found during a digital forensics investigation can be used for legal counsel, tribunals, court cases, and providing to insurance companies, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies. This information is usually crucial in reporting a digital attack.

  • Fast Response

When a digital attack occurs, a fast response is most important in order for normal business operations to be restored as quickly as possible. A quick response time also helps to reduce the effect the digital attack has on the business’ reputation. 

Digital forensics has a considerably faster turnaround time compared to other conventional approaches (such as human examination), as results can be presented within 15 hours of the attack. 

The process of digital forensics involves scanning and analyzing a storage device such as a hard disc. The data is then taken from the device and processed by using appropriate tools. 

Digital forensics experts look for evidence of interest (EOI) by searching for items such as:

  • Encrypted, hidden, or deleted files
  • Evidence of rootkits and backdoors installed on the system 
  • Evidence of unauthorized access in the event logs of the system
  • Unusual scheduled activities scheduled to run
  • Chosen keywords presented in the files on the system
  • Help Avoid Future Attacks

E-discovery services can help in finding the reason or source of the digital attack. Knowing the root cause allows the business organization to then implement any proactive changes or new measures to help avoid a similar attack from occurring again. 

These services can also work to put together a forensic strategy before any attack takes place, by helping an organization review its data security and manage accordingly.

  • Prevent Trade Secret Theft

There is a significant rise in demand for new business ideas and inventions. As such, business secret thefts are also on the rise.

Business plans, financial information, confidential processes, marketing strategies, customer lists, vendor lists, trade secrets, and other research data are vital for the success of any organization. If a company loses this information to its competitors, the repercussions may hinder any future plans or strategies.  Catching any fraudulent attacks early can help to reduce any potential business losses. 

  • Recover Erased Information

In many cases, cyber attackers will try to email confidential company information on their account for their benefit or to sell to the competition.

By investing in digital forensics services, a team of digital forensics experts will assist in finding information traces on the mail server of the organization. This data is usually on the Cached web pages of the internet history. Even if the information is erased by the attacker, forensic software can recover all the information.

  • Provide Traceable Evidence

With forensics solutions, there is no worry that employees who leave the company can provide any classified information to your competitors. There is now significant traceable evidence for digital forensics experts to use to get a hold of a cyber-criminal and their intent. A forensic analyst can access company information on any electronic data device and check where the media was moved to and on which date. 

To Summarize

We recommend to start investing in digital forensics to help keep your confidential company information and other important data untouched. We at Elijah are proud to offer the best digital forensics services and the most talented digital forensic experts who will be there at your disposal 24/7 to make sure that all crucial company data and information is kept safe. In the case of a possible breach, our team will be sure to respond immediately and minimize the losses.

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