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Cosmos Fun Reviews [June] A Legit Business or Not?

Cosmos Fun Reviews 2020
Cosmos Fun Reviews [June] A Legit Business or Not? -> This article is about the authenticity of a website dealing with portable coolers for food and beverages.

Are you missing the toast of chilled beer when you are on the summer outing with your friends and family? Not anymore! Here comes the solution. Carry the best cooler from one of the happening website Cosmos Fun.

Since you are a travelholic and want to backpack your food and beverages every season, buy a cooler. A cooler for travelers is one of the must-need products these days. A lot of companies are there on the internet dealing with the particular product. Therefore, before choosing one and placing the order from the mentioned website, make sure that you know every detail of the website. Get help from the Cosmos Fun Reviews.

The digital world is a missed bag of all positive and negative affinities of the ecommerce websites. Since you do not know how to detect a scam website, you must understand whether it Is Cosmos Fun Legit.

Here in this article, we will say all the globetrotters of the United States how to spot an official web store from the sea of fraudulent sellers. Is the Cosmos Fun authentic? Let’s see.

What is Cosmos Fun?

Cosmos Fun is one of the millions of USA-based web stores dealing with portable coolers for the travelers or the backpackers. However, on the website, you will get a different company name, YETI Coolers.

They have a good reputation in the online market to present different cooler sizes for carrying foods and beverages. The cooler is designed to carry different types of soft and hard drinks, fruits, frozen foods. All the cooler backs and buckets are quality tested and well-designed.

Specifications of Cosmos Fun:

  • Product: Portable Cooler for food and beverage
  • Official website:
  • Email id: Not found
  • Official Address: Not found
  • Contact Number: Not found.
  • Shipping time: Not found
  • Delivery: Not found
  • Return & Refund: Not found
  • Mode of payment: PayPal

What the prime benefits of Cosmos Fun?

  • The website is dedicated to sell and manufacture the coolers for food and beverages.
  • Each product has the touch of trend and upgradation in design.
  • Every cooler is one of a kind and unique.
  • The sellers have a huge number of collections on the website.
  • They provide the buyers with a dedicated page for the user to register.
  • A good tracking system is there on this website.
  • PayPal makes the payment.

What are the drawbacks of the website Cosmos Fun?

  • The website URL is not matching with the name of the company.
  • There is no contact detail- office address, email address, contact number, on the website.
  • No shipping and delivery policy has been found on the site.
  • There is no clear information about the return and refund policy.
  • The website has no review section for the service or the product.
  • The company has no account or dedicated page on any of the social networking site.
  • Cash on delivery is not available here.

Is Cosmos Fun Legit?

It is quite disappointing that the name of the company is different from the website URL. No official business website does so. Also, the lack of vital information such as office address, contact number, email address, indicate it to a scam. Even the Cosmos Fun Reviews are not available in the online review sites or open forums. 

What do people say about Cosmos Fun?

We doubt the number of buyers of the site. The website has no valid information that satisfies a buyer. This is the reason no one is talking about Cosmos Fun. 

Although there are many collections on the website, people do not trust the seller because they have not cleared anything about shipping and delivery. They are not on the social sites. As a result, buyers become conscious and restrain themselves from buying anything from the website.

The final verdict:

The gap between the URL and the company name indicates that the website uses the name and the product detail from another site named “YETI Coolers.” If you search for this company, you will get another website, products on different ecommerce websites along with Amazon and Alibaba. 

Therefore, it has been cleared that this website Cosmos Fun is nothing but a scam. They do not have any product or company; they use different company names, product detail, and images.

We do not recommend Cosmos Fun. Do not buy anything from the site. It is a big SCAM.

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