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Costco Text Scam (July 2021) Beware And Stay Alert!

Costco Text Scam (July 2021) Beware And Stay Alert! >> The article talks about an online scam and knows more details about the scam.

The online world and the internet open a medium for hackers and scamsters to lure people easily. A particular scam has been doing rounds in the United States and Canada for the past few days. It is a form of text scam that makes more and more citizens fall prey to the agenda.

Thus, we decided to bring to our reader’s detailed information about the Costco Text Scam and how you can save yourself from it. Do not forget to read below the complete detail.

What is Costco?

Before we move ahead to elucidate more about the scam, let us gain a gist about Costco. First, Costco, also known as Costco Wholesale Corporation, is an MNC from America with its operations set across different countries. It can be defined as a membership-only retail unit that offers world-class products to users who hold a membership.

However, considering its popularity, it has become a medium for scams, including the Costco Text Scam. We would be detailing it further in the coming paragraphs. Scroll down below to know more.

How does the Scam work?

Also known as the Costco raffle scam, it involves users receiving a receipt text message from Costco on their mobile. Furthermore, it lures the users by featuring an iPhone or an iPad as a prize, which users can win after participating in the draw organized by the company. It is, however, a text scam that has been doing rounds now for a year.

More Details about the Costco Text Scam

Another variation of the text scam wherein the user is sent a text message stating he has been rewarded an Airpod. Most users get lured by the message. They go on to clicking on the link that is attached along with the text.

Furthermore, clicking on the link will lead your details to get copied and other credentials that can be used for either clearing your bank account or other nefarious purposes.

Thus, it is imperative to check for minute details in the message to prevent falling prey to scams.

How to Report a Scam?

To safeguard yourself from the Costco Text Scam, you must look for some details. The text message comprises a link that doesn’t look like an official link from Costco. Thereby it does highlight red flags showcasing a fake promo.

Also, do not forget to report these scams to prevent yourself from falling prey to scams on social media.

Final Conclusion

It is imperative to be careful with any messages that contain any link. Ensure to look for all the details and do not click on any links that look suspicious. We hope this article throws light on Costco Text Scam and educates you on preventing yourself from any such scams.

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Have you ever fallen prey to any online scam? Then, do suggest ways for finding any online scam in the comments box below. Meanwhile, you may read here the methods to stay protected from the online scams.

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