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Costway Furniture : Best Bathroom Furniture That You Must Try In 2022

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Costway Furniture: Bathroom has become one of the most beloved rooms in a house. After all, it’s where we can relax with a nice hot bath or get ready for a day’s work. Therefore, like other environments in a home, the bathroom began to receive special attention in decoration projects. More and more people are looking for solutions to improve comfort and convenience in spaces. In view of this, planned furniture for bathrooms proves to be the best option. In addition, they bring charm, beauty and functionality to the bathroom.

Those who have a small bathroom know how difficult it is to choose the ideal furniture for the room and also know that making the right choice when buying them can change everything. But you don’t need to worry because Costway furniture has brought market’s best furniture from your bathroom. These furniture not only improve functionality but also give beauty, charm, and makes you relax. Scroll down to read about them now!

Costway bathroom furniture bring a dual 2-in-1 cabinet that features a sterilizer plus a hot towel warmer. With 120V power, it comes with UV lamp that will kill any bacteria for sanitary safety. The continuously 175 degrees Fahrenheit will make your towers warm and will kill the bacteria that are attached to the tower. You can also remove the tower rack for easy access and can organize them in best manner.

The cabinet inner is constructed with aluminum chamber that do heat conduction perfectly. There is large space to put 50-60 disposable towers at once and heat them with 175 degrees Fahrenheit plus the UV lamp will sterilize them and the tools you put inside. With all of these features, it is an ideal 2-in-1 cabinet to use in office or home bathrooms.


+ No assembly needed

+ Easy to use and clean when required

+ Capable of 50-60 disposable towels

+ UV lamp to kill bacteria

+ 175 degrees Fahrenheit to warm up the towels

+ Removable tray to avoid dripping

+ Thoroughly warm both disposable and traditional towels

+ Removable rack to orderly put towels

+ Ideal for both office and home use

  • Rolling Mechanics Tool Cart Cabinet Organizer

The second one is dual use cabinet organizer where you can either put your bathroom accessories in one place or can put mechanics tools. It is a perfect choice for both bathroom and mechanics use because mechanics can store tools in organized manner without missing them. This beautiful tool cart plus cabinet organizer is made up of black coated solid steel that ensures it stability, sturdiness, and durability. To improve more stability, this Costway rolling mechanics tool cart cabinet organizer has 4 casters; 2 can be fixed and 2 are lockable that makes it movement easy.

You can put items on the top of the cabinet that you are using and put other necessary items in 2 drawers. To get more storage,  you can slide the top or can use the 2 sliding trays. If we talk about weight capacity, it can hold weight up to 350 lbs easily. With these amazing features, it is suitable for both mechanics work and bathroom accessories storage.


+ No assembly required

+ Capable of 350 lbs weight

+ Sliding top to put more items inside

+ 2 drawers and 2 trays for maximum storage

+ 2 lockable and 2 fixed casters for movement and stability

+ Constructed with solid steel and coated in black

+ Durable and Sturdy

+ Handle can be attach to any side of the cabinet

+ Powder coated paint

  • 55 Inch Brushed Stainless Steel Shower Panel

The last one is 55 Inch Brushed Stainless Steel Shower Panel that is constructed with tempered glass and solid 304 stainless steel that is anti-rust proof. This stainless steel design makes it strong and durable for years. Moreover, it is a multifunctional including hand and head shower, water mixer, hose and body rain massage set, and function diverter. You can say it is an all-in-one shower panel set that you must buy for your bathroom.

There are 3 shower functions in this panel, they are rainfall, hand shower, and horizontal massage spray. The number of nozzle are 5 x 4 which is perfect for all type use including home, office, restaurants, hotels, and apartments.


+ Simple installation required

+ Easy to use and clean after use

+ Constructed with 304 stainless steel

+ Tempered glass

+ 3 stage shower function: hand shower, rainfall, and horizontal massage spray

+ Lightweight but durable

+ Water mixer, function diverter, massage jet, hand shower, and head shower included

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