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COVID Pass Scam (July 2021) Beware And Stay Alert!

COVID Pass Scam (July 2021) Beware And Stay Alert! >> This article gives you crucial details about a scam related to Corona passes.

The creation of Covid passes that will serve as evidence that the person in question has received the Covid vaccine have been in talks for a long time. Much has been said about their use, benefits, and effectiveness. However, many governments have refrained from creating such passes, while others like the NHS have issued their creation. A related COVID Pass Scam is getting popular, and many users are falling for it.

Please keep reading to get all the relevant information about this scam and how to stay clear of it. This scam is gaining traction primarily in the United Kingdom, where these passes are in use.

What is the Covid pass?

A Covid pass is proof that the person has received both doses of vaccination and has gained the immunity offered by them. Therefore, it allows users some benefits while travelling abroad and allows them to participate in large gatherings. However, this pass doesn’t offer freedom from Covid tests or isolation, depending upon the concerned parties.

About the COVID Pass Scam

Please look at the following details to know the working of this scam.

  • Users in the United Kingdom report that they’re receiving messages and emails claiming to provide them with a “Coronavirus Pass” for some money.
  • These passes will serve as evidence that the person has been vaccinated for the ongoing widespread COVID-19.
  • If you have also received such messages or emails, be warned as they are not authentic.
  • The NHS has also declared that they aren’t sending out such messages and scammers are behind it. Several authorities have also called it a COVID Pass Scam.
  • The emails are compelling as they have the official NHS logo and claim to provide users Covid passes.
  • According to the mail, these passes will allow users to travel freely around the globe without the need to isolate. 
  • A button in the mail asks you to click on it and get this pass.
  • It will redirect you to another website where you’ll be asked for some money to get the scam.
  • Do not enter your payment details on this website as it’s not safe and may lead to severe damages to your account.

How to get the NHS Pass? 

COVID Pass Scam is targeting users trying to get genuine Covid passes. The related procedure is mentioned below.

  • If you’ve had both the vaccine doses in England, you can get the NHS pass quickly if you’re over 16 years of age.
  • This pass is evidence of your complete vaccination status, and may come in handy during international travels or attending large gatherings.
  • You can quickly get this pass via the NHS app, website, or through a letter.
  • Read more about the pass here

Final Verdict

The COVID Pass Scam is stealing users’ sensitive data by claiming to deliver them Covid passes. We have mentioned all the relevant information above and advise you not to click on any such links or emails.

Have you encountered this email? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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