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Cowboy Paradise Online Website Reviews

This post has information associated with Cowboy Paradise Reviews, a hotel accommodation, dining, and shooting setting claimed unsafe by visitors.

Are you looking for hotel accommodation or dine-in options with shooting adventure? Have you read reviews from the trips and planning advisors? If not, then you must know the facts about Cowboy Paradise.

Usually, people across New Zealand and other world areas explore the place before staying, dining in, or doing any other activity.

Recently, Cowboy Paradise is the ton’s talk. So, you must go through Cowboy Paradise Reviews to find out if it is a trustable place.

What exactly is Cowboy Paradise?

Cowboy Paradise is a hotel accommodation with many facilities, including dining, shooting, events, and more.

When you plan your West Coast Wilderness trail to experience adventure, you may check through Cowboy Paradise.

The hotel setting has so much to provide, from shooting trail adventure to accommodation and dining.

But not every hotel setting is not as reliable and trustable as it often claims. Hence, it would help to explore Cowboy Paradise before opting for it to accommodate or visit for shooting or dining.

Also, read Cowboy Paradise Reviews to know more about it.

What is Cowboy Paradise known for?

Cowboy Paradise is a tourist attraction and is well-known for its divisive and unpleasant owner, Mike Milne.

He is 65 and defends every allegation and hides growing cannabis in the underground, which is seven meters buried in a large bunker.

Several individuals felt it as a stranded place where people live in hell as the owner seems unpleasant and switches off lights every night.

In September 2019, he was arrested during a police raid, and since then, he has pleaded for not being guilty.

Cowboy Paradise Reviews:

Various complaints about Cowboy Paradise center on racial insignia and rudeness, with prints honoring the Confederate flag and Donald Trump, the former President of the U.S.

Besides, reviewers stated that pole dancing and shooting range was deemed improper for cycle tracks.

Are customers disappointed with their visit?

Several customers are disappointed with their visit and warn others about their stay at Cowboy Paradise.

The accommodation set, which has mixed ratings, seems suspicious, as indicated by the views of many customers who visited or stayed there.

Hence, exploring Cowboy Paradise Reviews would be a wise decision.

They also stated that the environment is quite unsafe, making it not better to visit or stay.

Milne, Cowboy Paradise’s owner, who was in charge of the power, switches off the power by 11:00 p.m., making many visitors feel frightened.


Cowboy Paradise, known for its decisive owner, is a 700-hectare property near Hokitika that features lodging, a saloon, and a part of the national cycleway, the six kilometers of the West Coast Wilderness Trail.

The accommodation setting is known for its owner, who is rude and switches off power at night. Besides, several claims by customers visiting the place found it suspicious and fearful.

So, look out for Cowboy Paradise Reviews and tap here to know more about Cowboy Paradise.

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