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Cozyloves com Reviews – Buying Here Is Good or Not!

Cozyloves com Reviews – Buying Here Is Good or Not!

Cozyloves com Reviews – Buying Here Is Good or Not! >> In this article, you have gotten information about women to wear a site which has trendy and stylish products.

If you are searching for new and stylish arrivals of fashion wear, check out at Cozyloves. Cozyloves Com Reviews according to customers that it gives excellent quality at affordable prices. Most of the customers have given five stars to product quality and service of this company and says that it provides the perfect outfit for casual wear and office wear.  

 It is an online store and having different apparel than other sites. It is mostly active in the United States, but it also gives service in UK, Poland, Mexico, France, Italy, Canada, and so on.

For briefly understanding of site’s service quality and differentiability, we should need to light the following points.

What is Cozyloves?

Women are fond of wearing different, stylish and cozy apparel. And when they do online shopping, they expect to get products at a reasonable price and unique designs. For this, Cozyloves Com Reviews sells excellent quality women wear like tops, dresses, bottom wear, jumpsuits, shirts, etc. It gives excellent clothing material and expected sized products. It provides garments for all season (winter, autumn, summer) and in many fabrics (such as rayon, cotton, silk, woolen, polyester, etc.) which gives you an elegant, and stylish look.

 If you want to look professional and also if you; re going to look different from others, you have to check out this site. This site has new arrivals, and fresh-looking women wear. Its online store has seasons hottest and trendy outwear and available in all sizes. Whenever you visit this site you will get a great discount on products at unbelievable prices. So it is a modern and attractive way to groom your personality.

 Specifications of Cozyloves:

 Website- women casual and office wear

  • Shipping time- 5-7 days
  • Delivery time- 15-20 days
  • Return time – 15 days from receiving the order
  • Exchange- 15 days from the delivery date
  • Refund- within a week after receiving the return package
  • Mode of payment- Paypal, credit card via Paypal, Master Card, Discover, American Express
  • Email-

 Is Cozyloves com Legit:

Cozyloves Com Reviews is new and does not have any contact numbers for the query. Only email address is available or contacts via Facebook and Instagram. According to this information, we can’t say, is it legit or not? Maybe a scam or may not be. Only keeping customer reviews in your mind, you can buy apparels from this site by your own risk. Many of the customers have given their reviews about this site product quality and share their experience. So I guess you can answer this question by yourself which is- Is Cozyloves com reviews legit?

Advantages of Cozyloves:

  • All fashionable and professional outfits are available
  • Prices are affordable
  • Comfortable exchange, return, and refund policy is available
  • Item quality is better according to price
  • Refund policy is quickly processed within a week
  • Most of the customers gave five stars
  • Out-of-stock items will be automatically refunded if the order has been processed.

Disadvantages of Cozyloves:

  • No cash on delivery is available
  • Only online payment is referred
  • Images are not pure
  • Delivery time is too much, that is 15-20 days
  • Only email address is available, no contact number for any query
  • Query reply in 1 business day
  • Shipping fees depend on weight and distance.  

What are the customers saying about Cozyloves com?

Most of the customers have given good reviews and said that product quality is excellent and at reasonable prices. Customers have received the product in their expected size. They are happy shopping from this site. Several customers said that they get compliments when they wear this site’s clothing. This site provides a thick, nice, and cozy fabric of clothing which makes your life comfortable and easy.

 But the main problem is that Cozyloves Com Reviews has no contact number. Only email the address is available for contacting which is given a reply in 1 business day not right now.To discuss the product quality or service related query, you can’t talk to anyone; this is a big task to solve for emerging the site effect.

 Final Verdict

Cozyloves Com Reviews is newly registered and no contact number. But you discuss your problem via email address. Customer reviews are and affecting. So you can purchase arrivals from this site, and it does not seem like a scam. It may be considered is legit.

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  1. Do not buy from this company. if you need to return an item, they will not respond.
    You will likely never get a refund.

    1. I order few weeks I have not received my order. I need a answer if not I have to get a refund.I tracked my order y’all said the same it takes Three days to fill the order my order has been there for weeks and weeks

    2. So true, exact same thing happened. Quality is horrible, in the photo things look like they’re sparkly, but they are not. And the fit is only made for tiny Asian women

  2. I ordered a few items early April, I’m still waiting for them. I’ve tried to email several times. I’ve also posted on Facebook website. I also private messaged the company. No response to anything. I’m hoping this is legit as I’m excited for the clothing! I wish they would just interact with customer more by putting a phone number!

  3. I purchased several items in April and the items never came. They do not answer their emails or messages. I think they scammed me. I will never do business with company again.

  4. This is a scam company, i ordered several pieces and they shipped one item, but indicated they shipped it all together you cannot get a hold of them. I will be contacting the better business Bureau. The one item they sent is not as described cheap and ugly.

  5. Hello,

    I wanted to let you know that I have just received all the things I ordered from Cozyloves. They were in two different shipments, but did arrive. I am pleased with the clothing and appreciative of the back and forth conversations I had with them regarding my order. I can’t speak for anyone else, but my experience was good.

  6. Do NOT buy from this company! You will never see your order or get your money back! Service email is a joke, typical response, “be patient”. The tracking number I received is not an actual tacking number through USPS as it turns out.

  7. Do Not Buy from these CROOKS!! They sent the wrong items . No response to emails and no refunds. Reported them to our credit card company.

  8. Scam!!!! They use false advertising the pictures and fabric shown and described are totally different from what you receive. Clothing look like a dirt time attempt of someone using a sewing machine for the first time.
    Then when you contact them regarding a refund they will not answer unless you are persistent and send several emails since if you don’t follow up 15 days after receiving the items they will not process refunds.
    and when they finally answer here’s what they say in an email
    “ Sorry,returning a parcel to china is really very expensive and inconvenient.

    The shipping fee to china will be around $35-45.Our warehouse which is set for receiving returning parcels is in china .This is not cost-effective. Transport time is long and easy to lose.

    Would you like to send them to your friends or Charity as a gift, you know maybe many other people like them?

    Hope for your understanding and waiting for your reply.


    Just thieves…

    1. Another experience here unfortunately I spent over $125 and keeping one of the items trying to return the other four I have gotten nine emails back and forth asking me to take pictures asking me to measure their clothes not forthcoming with any kind of return authorization. I will be reporting them to PayPal to dispute this. I’m glad I found this site because now I will move forward not waiting for them to keep responding with these ridiculous requests. Do not buy from this company!! They are crooks and the products are mediocre. As another reviewer said they’re not linen they use cheap materials and it’s totally a waste of money and time.

  9. DO NOT BUY from They are scammers. The items took more than a month to arrive and once they did, 2 out of 3 items were not what I ordered. The fabric feels flimsy and cheap. I have been going back and forth over e-mails to resolve the matter for weeks, but they just keep stringing me along. I can’t even get them to send me return shipping instructions. Today they offered to refund me $7.00 out of the nearly $80.00 I spent. I will be disputing the charges with my credit card company and reporting them as a scam. Avoid ordering from this company at all costs and spread the word.

    1. I have had the exact same problem I have sent now five Emails trying to get return instructions as there was no packing info included. When I told them I wanted to return the merchandise because it was of poor quality, they keep giving me the run around telling me to take pictures so they can make an adjustment. The items aren’t damaged so why are they offering an adjustment? They just won’t give return instructions.

  10. Do not shop at Cozylove, it’s false advertising. The clothes are cheap and the clothing is not linen, The company will not offer a refund and or will make you pay for shipping to send the items back to China! The worst I have experienced from on line purchases.

  11. I ordered several items from this company. They arrived and were of very disappointing and poor quality. Although they technically were the correct size, they fit very poorly and are not well made. I emailed them to request a return authorization and have gotten quite a run around. They basically refuse to give me an authorization to return the items, and instead of wanting me to be satisfied they have ARGUED with me about returning them. When I told them that the clothing does not fit well they tried to tell me I did not look at the size chart correctly and asked me to send them my measurements!! I explained to them that it was not that the clothes were the wrong size, but that the fit was unattractive and not flattering on me. Next they asked for me to send photographs of the items. They do not speak or write English clearly so the communication is very hard, but they wanted me to send them photos of myself wearing the clothing so that they could decide whether to allow me to send them back or not. I told them that I was not satisfied with the clothes and that it was very poor customer service not to take a customer’s word for dissatisfaction, but they will not yield. They have left me no choice but to just pitch the clothing, lose the money and try to spread the word not to do business with this company. If the prices on the items seem too good to be true, take my word for it, they are. And there is no reprieve. This is a really awful company to do business with. On a scale of 1 to 10 I have to give them a 0. DO NOT buy clothing from!!!!!!

  12. The exact same thing happened to me. They wanted me to measure the items and send them photos. I am out $60 and will never recommend or purchase from them again. So frustrating. Lesson learned buy American!

  13. DO NOT AND I
    I wanted to return what I ordered and they WILL NOT give me the return information and said give the clothes to charity!! Wtf!!

  14. Omg , this is all happened to me , I order on line from different company all the time , And the medium size all fit for me !!!! But this time is not !!! And this is the first time I cannot return my item! They tell me to measure it and send the picture to them , I did it, and after I send the picture, the company tell me to keep it or charity as a gift, this is how the company to resolve the problem? If we can‘t return it ? So why they tell me to send the picture? Is the company try to shame me whit the picture?! God damn it , I will never order from this company again, and I will never recommend this company to anyone, and I will tell all the friends about this terrible company and terrible customer service !!! I can’t return the item which it doesn’t fit me!!!! Omg , this company are garbage are really suck!!!! The company name is : cozyloves !! What the hell !!!

  15. BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE If you do don’t want to loose your money, don’t order from this company. The clothing that you see in their ad is good material. When you receive your item is cheap material!!!! The same thing that happened to Amanda happened to me!!! They asked for a picture of me wearing the item I want to send back. I have been back and fourth with them (email) for 5 days now to try to get return address. They ask me to stay with the items because it’s not cost effective to return to China. I will be out of $51.00 dollars but I will report this company to all the source that I can. II will also tell all my friends and beware all of my Facebook and Instagram friends. I’ll will just take this experience on a lesson learn. From now on , I will check reviews on company before ordering product!!!!!

  16. I agree with all the negative reviews about returns. All the items I bought were of extremely cheap material and construction. None looked good on me. But I cannot find a way to return them. They reply to emails with requests for me to measure the items and to take pictures of me wearing them! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  17. How come they’re in CHINA and allowed to scammed people like that from the USA not exceptable. I want them blocked. We have to keep up with the negative comments they have nerves telling us to keep the items and donate to friends and family. DO MOT BUY FROM COZYLOVES !!!

  18. Cheap made and cheap fabric. Also, color shown is a light blue yet I received a very deep blue ugly color. No way to return it so I’ll just throw it away. Advertisements lie lie lie. DO NOT BUY!!!!

  19. This place is a joke!!! Such poor, poor customer service. No phone number so you can only contact them via email and then they take 2 days to respond. I ordered several items on Nov. 25th. On Dec. 1st, I received notification that 2 items were out of stock . . . so why do you have them available on your website? And NOW on December 22nd, my order is still “In Process”. It took 15 days to more from Rosedale NY to Jersey City NJ. I ordered several of the items for gift exchanges or Christmas gifts for individuals that I was going to see before Christmas. I had to go buy other gifts because after almost a month, I still don’t have my order . . . and even if it arrives today, not much opportunity to use it for Christmas. I would never, ever recommend this company.

  20. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! The experiences other people have written about: poor quality, the products are NOT the same as those in the advertisements, and no return instructions ARE TRUE. This company is like insurance companies: they want to wear you down with repetitive emails and noncompliance with your requests until you just give up. I actually complied with all three of the requests I received: I measured the garment and sent pictures with the rulers showing the length, and I sent pictures of the shipping label and the product bar code. Still nothing with return instructions or the refund I deserve. There is no intention to build a customer base or a good brand name. This is a company that will definitely shut down soon – as soon as they make the profit for which their scam was designed.

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