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CPR Roblox ID (March 2022) Details About The Music Code!

Please read this write-up to find out the CPR Roblox ID regarding the music code of a trending song created by CupcakKe available for customization on Roblox.

Are you a regular gamer on Roblox? Have you created avatars of your choice in the games? Do you love customizing your hero character? Do you also love jamming music into the background? If yes, you will find an interesting piece of information in this write-up. So please read on to find out.

In this account, we have shared a popular music code in the renowned gaming platform. Gamers Worldwide cannot wait to know the CPR Roblox ID to incorporate it in their games. 

What are Roblox Music Codes?

Roblox music codes are a series of digits that correspond to popular musical numbers. These codes are also called Track ID or Boombox codes. Gamers can use these codes in their games as a background score. Generally, the games have in-built instrumentals, but one can customize them using these codes.

All games in Roblox do not have the facility to change the background music. However, most popular and widely played games have this service. It is a special attraction as gamers can personalize their avatars and games according to their wish.

What is the CPR Roblox ID?

The CPR Roblox code corresponds to a song called CPR, whose composer is the American rapper CupcakKe. The song is a peppy number and has got good beats. The code of this song is 1468052038. You can use this code in your game and customize your avatars to have a fun experience. 

Apart from this song, there are umpteen numbers of codes of other famous songs. Some include Let It Go by Idina Menzel, Baby by Justin Bieber, Sugar by Maroon 5, That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars, etc. 

How to Use The CPR Roblox ID in Roblox?

You must first purchase the Boombox item to use the subject code or any song ID on this platform. You will get the item in your game’s avatar shop. This accessory is a music player software that can play the numbers linked to the track IDs. 

After equipping the Boombox from the inventory, the item will show as an accompaniment with your avatar. When you click on it, you will see the space where you can enter the code. Please refer to the previous section where we have mentioned the CPR Roblox ID. Enter this ID in the textbox and click on Play to enjoy the number and customization experience. 

How to Find Other Roblox Music Codes?

You can find other Roblox Track IDs on Roblox’s official website. Visit the Library section in your Roblox account. Once you click the Audio option, you can view the entire list of codes on the Music page. 


You can copy the code available in this article to customize your avatars on Roblox. You may also edit the musical using your boombox item. However, we suggest you read How Gamers detect robux generator is fake before exploring the games.

Did you try the CPR Roblox ID in your games? Please share your experiences below.

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