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Creape Reviews [May 2020] Understand Truth and Decide!

Creape Reviews 2020

Creape Reviews [May 2020] Understand Truth and Decide! -> Know all details about a website to buy accessories, gifts, and clothing for women, men, and children of all age groups.

Do you get confused about what to gift to your family and friends on some particular occasions? You will be relieved when you will find a website that provides gifting items and accessories.

We searched online for some websites that provide gifting and clothing items at reasonable prices. We find Creape Reviews online, then started to follow the website to give you a detailed insight for a smooth shopping experience.

Different websites provide a versatile product range of clothing, accessories, books, and allied items, yet people like you are always curious to explore as far as they can online. In this way, the websites are receiving mass audience and market value. is a popular website in the United State and has received countless positive feedbacks in the market. This site is perfect for exploring gifts and other items. Let us take you on an exploration ride of this website to give you a detailed analysis.

What is Creape? 

Creape is a commercial website that provides sweaters, jeans, gifts, and other items. It has enlisted varied designer products that are unmatched on other business websites. The products and their quality seem reasonable and worth of our money. Still, we need to know all the details before concluding whether is a scam or not

There are several considerations to know if the site is legit or not. So, let’s begin in understanding the necessary details first.

Specifications of Creape:

  • Website site: Clothing and Gift Items
  • Shipping time: 3-5 working days 
  • Delivery time: 7-10 working days
  • Exchange: Applicable
  • Return: Applicable
  • Shipping charge: Free shipping on all products
  • Company contact number: +12054947844
  • Company address: 3893, Research Park Dr, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108
  • Email address: 
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal and credit card

Is Legit?

The site does not share much information about its history. It claims to provide you with the best and continue to expand while providing outstanding customer service, prompt shipping, and best product range. As Creape is not SSL certified, we are unsure about the safety of account details and personal information. However, it claims that the payments are safe and secure only during the payment stage. 

Benefits from buying from Creape:

  • Ample options in clothing, accessories and gift items
  • Simple procedure of exchange and return
  • Refund is applicable
  • Delivery and shipment are prompt.
  • Contact points are accessible.
  • Shipping is free

Drawbacks of shopping from Creape:

  • COD is not applicable
  • Price range is high
  • Gift receivers cannot apply for a refund, exchange, or return.
  • No background available about the company

What is the market presence of

Being the site new, no reviews on the products are discoverable. The website looks terrific with its exquisite product range, free shipping, and refund/return features, yet we do not find any reviews from the buyers like you online. It raises a big question on it being legit on any grounds. We are not able to find much information on product quality, delivery feedback, customer support feedback, and other details.

The site is also not available on different social media platforms to conclude whether the site is legit or not? The product pictures, description, and features look right that makes you buy from them. Also, the price of the products is high, and this makes us look for other options online. 

Final Words is a new website that provides all kinds of trendy and exquisite products to use regularly and on special occasions. There is not a single review is available online to know about the company or its products. It also does not feature SSL protection, which makes our payment and personal information unsecure. However, all the information regarding the exchange, shipment, delivery, email address, company address, customer support number, refund, and return are available on the website that leaves a good impression on us. 

The website also does not have an arrange category or product listing that gives us insight that it is unorganized for us to shop smoothly and comfortably. We cannot claim that you are going to be contented with the services and products. Therefore, we suggest you to not buy from unless you want to try it by yourself. Anyway, we are open to your reviews and input on this website so that other buyers like you can decide for themselves.

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  1. I would not buy from this company if they screw up order they want the customer to pay for it or pay for return of their mistakes then if you get them to agree on a full refund which as been 5 months but never happened nor do they respond to emails the phone number don’t work

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