Crewlink Voice Server {Jan 2021} Amazing New Mod For Players!

Crewlink Voice Server

Crewlink Voice Server {Jan 2021} Amazing New Mod For Players! >> Check all details about trending game voice server here in this researched & unbiased article!

‘Are you here to know about the Crewlink Voice Server mod of Among us?’ Or ‘Are you just not able to use this new addition of this renowned game?’ This article will discuss every detail about this new mod and how you can benefit from it. 

This United States game -Among Us, seems to be very popular, and this is precisely why people are so curious to know about all the updates. Let’s check this one out below. 

What is Crewlink in Among Us? 

There have been many speculations about this new update on the United States famous online game- Among Us. Crewlink Voice Server is the latest update that allows you to talk to other Among Us gamers and people are into huge chaos about its usage and benefits. It has been a mandatory addition that should not be avoided by the players. 

People also need to make specific changes in their settings before starting using this brand’s new model. Like every update of Among Us, this one will also change the gamer’s way and approach to playing it. The player can use their microphones to talk to the gamers and co-ordinate with them to play in a better way. 

How is Crewlink Voice Server beneficial? 

Once you can change the settings according to the new update, you can use your microphones to talk to your group mates or random interested gamers who want to play with you and create a strategy to fight with the other team. It will allow you to communicate better and make things happen quickly, without any trouble. 

You will also be able to inform the other partner how and when you will attack the imposters. The process will confuse the imposters as they will not analyze the strategies and eventually end up losing. 

Essential Settings for Crewlink Voice Server

  • For Map its Polus
  • For Imposters its 2
  • For Confirm Effects its Off
  • For Emergency Meetings, its 
  • For Visual Task its off
  • For Common Task its 1-2
  • For Short Tasks its 4-5 
  • For Crewmate its 0.5x
  • For Imposter its 1.5x

What are people saying about it? 

After Among Us has added this new mod, there have been many conversations; people are somehow worried about installing it. Some are also facing problems in hearing things while using crewlink update. However, this problem can be solved if you use cmd windows. Then, some famous steamers are using this update correctly, influencing people to check with the problems in their windows. 


Crewlink Voice Server turns out to be quite useful for every one of you if used smartly!! 

This new update of the game has changed every aspect of Among Us and raised the level for both the gamers and imposters. Once you can install it correctly according to the settings and requirements, you will enjoy a peerless gaming experience. 

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