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Cricut-Store.Com Reviews (Jan 2022) Is it a Legit Deal? Reviews 2020

Cricut-Store.Com Reviews (Jan 2022) Is it a Legit Deal? >> This article will read about a website selling circuit products.

Are you in the United States looking for a Circuit machine and have stumbled upon If your answer is yes, we at Reviews would ask you to wait a bit.

There are a thousand websites worldwide claiming to sell Circuit machines as the brand is worth the money. What if you order and are duped? So, allow us some time and read this article to give you a step by step review of what you are signing up for.

What is

Circuit products are one of the best in terms of quality and longevity in the United States. So, it is pretty evident that they are listed on several ecommerce websites for sale. is selling circuit products in single pieces or bundles of the machine with other stationery items. Reviews found several of Circuit’s best machines listed on the site. The bundles are also pretty good, and the offer prices are quite lucrative. However, considering several scam websites set up to sell circuit machines nowadays, we request you read a bit more before placing your order.


  • Website type: It is a website selling circuit Machines and other stationery items.
  • Website
  • Social Media Pages: Non-existent
  • Shipping: 10-15 business days of receiving your order. Charges are applicable as per the address of deliver.
  • Return and Exchange: Both are accepted within 14 days of receipt of the order. However, the original packaging needs to be intact. The customer has to bear all return expenses, other than for exchanges. If the product requested for a business is not available, other choices are provided.
  • Refund:Refund is processed after a thorough inspection of the returned item. Products that are found to be used upon inspection are neither exchanged nor refunded. A refund is also processed if the product requested for an exchange is not available.
  • Cancellation:Products, once shipped, are not accepted for cancellation.
  • Contact Information: Reviews found the site’s contact page to be populated with a form. Customers need to fill out the form then wait for a response from the merchant.
  • Payment details: The site accepts only VISA as per their FAQ page and bank transfer. However, the bottom of the website lists Paypal, AMEX, and Mastercard logos, confusing.

Advantages of shopping on

  • It’s a site exclusively selling Cricut products.
  • The site is easily navigable.
  • The products are available in single pieces and bundles.
  • Prices are affordable in comparison to other sites.
  • Exchanges are available without shipping charges.
  • Full refund facilities are provided.

Disadvantages of shopping on

  • Reviews found a significant flaw regarding the payment method. It is not clear whether only VISA and bank transfer or all cards are accepted.
  • Also, the site has no domain information.
  • There is no contact details available on the site.
  • The Privacy policy is very vague and seems to be missing address and registration details, which, as per law, needs to be listed on the site.
  • There is no customer feedback section.

Is Legit? Reviews found a lot of issues with the website.

Firstly, the site has no domain information or a dedicated server. The customer care email is a Gmail account, which is personal and not a business domain.

Secondly, the site accepts only VISA and bank transfer as per the FAQs but has logos of all cards in their website template. It seems like they just copied a template and repopulated it,

Thirdly, the site has no way to contact the merchant as there no phone number or even a registered address for the company. The Cricut logo on top of the website seems to be a hologram scan.

Lastly, there are no customer feedback, social media reviews, or any review of this site in the United States.

It is a scam.

Customer Say Reviews could hardly find any reviews regarding this site. It is like no one bought from them in the United StatesHowever, we did find a few customers who had been duped.

Internet reviews are calling this site a scam as customers ordered and never got their products. There are reports of the email bouncing as well.

Our Verdict Reviews concludes this site is a scam. It is better to order directly from Circuit’s official websites in the United States, Amazon, or Walmart. 

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  1. Yup I got duped. Sent me tracking information for a package that was said to be delivered yesterday. Currently disputing my transaction via paypal. They need to be shut down.

  2. I placed and order from this store initially thinking it was the original Cricut store. Sadly, I admit I did it in haste, thinking I was going to miss some amazing sale. (Facepalm!) After I finished my order, I went to look for shipping information and realized there was no estimated delivery date.

    Upon examining the website some more I noticed several concerning things. The Facebook, Instagram, Live Chat and Pinterest links are all fake, they do not go anywhere. There is no phone number on the site, no address and no email. You can send a message through the site but after several, there have not be any response.

    As for the charge, it went through on my card right away and I got an email from PayPal. When I emailed PayPal to requested shipping information, I got back a tracking number for USPS. (Mind you my receipt also had no taxes and no shipping fee on it and we all know USPS does not ship for free). When I looked up the tracking number, it shows an item, I don’t know what item, ordered, shipped and delivered. The delivery date was prior to when I even placed my order. I will be having my bank reverse the charge. It’s a scam!

  3. Yep she is a scam , my daughter order from her and got a fraudulent tracking number with conflicting dates stating that the day the order was deliver was the same day my daughter place the order. so we are trying to get our money back through paypal.

  4. If it sounds to good it usually is. All you have stated is true. It is a SCAM for sure. I should have known and am ashamed at myself for falling for it.

    It is disappointing once again at the mentality of the humans that I live among.

    Hope they get what is coming to them.

  5. Hi hello my name is Jessica Herlin and I just placed a order with them Friday. I totally didn’t check it right and placed the order! Now I received a message stating I received my order Saturday. That’s kind of odd and skeptical and that’s when I decided checking on it. Then I saw in my PayPal summary it said paid to Crystal Barney. I was like what I thought it was the official website for Cricut. Now I been trying to get a hold of them and I can’t. Dk if I lost my money or if their is anything I can do. I did a refund request and a dispute on PayPal hopefully they can help. Learned my lesson.

  6. I was scammed by this website. I ordered a cricut joy bundle and used my Visa card. I got a pop up that said my card did not go through. So I put the card info in again. I then got a pop up that said my bank blocked the purchase because it was a duplicate purchase. When I checked my account I had set up before I placed my order it showed 2 orders pending. I went to log in today and it showed no such user! Now I don’t know what to do. This is what my daughter wants for Christmas….

  7. I “ordered” with Visa debit card based on a friend’s suggestion. Well, friend didn’t check this site out beforehand. First time it said “no domain found”. Second attempt said “bank blocked- duplicate order.” Knew it was a fraud at that point. Called bank to cancel card- said they did. Turns out, they didn’t due to their error. To my amazement the card wasn’t used. I believe this site was phishing for certain transactions (PayPal, Venmo?, etc.). In other words an easy transfer. At time of “order” it showed two pending orders. Received no confirmation email from website- only a poorly worded “welcome” letter for creating username/password. No shock that email ended up on junk folder. Hope the shut this site down soon!!!

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