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Crypto Guards NFT (Dec 2021) Hand Drawn NFT Collection!

Do you know the different forms and latest price of Crypto Guards NFT? Then, read this write-up for the recent clues.

Are you wondering about an NFT that has recently developed? Then, please gain information about such NFT discussed in this write-up. 

The urge for NFTs is growing over time in countries like Brazil since we can make these NFTs from everything unique and rare. Also, you can store these NFTs based on their value. 

Moreover, NFTs have also provided us with abilities to create and own unique digital assets. So, let us study a new Crypto Guards NFT to peel more about it. 

Few Words on Cardano 

It is a public blockchain medium that maintains itself through proof of stake. In addition, it possesses a native cryptocurrency ‘Ada’ for P2P transactions. 

Moreover, Charles Hoskinson discovered the Cardano, the founder of Ethereum, in 2015. But, the project’s development is managed by the ‘Cardano Foundation’ of Switzerland. An NFT named Crypto Guards is released with some rare capabilities in this medium. So, let us examine this NFT in detail. 

What is Crypto Guards NFT

It is a cluster of 1000 rare sketched NFTs that will go live on the Cardano platform. As per the sources gathered, we have noticed that each ‘Guard’ possesses some rarity, specialty, identity, etc. 

The reports have realized that the Crypto-guard’s first 100 NFTs have already been discovered on 31st October 2021. In addition, each NFT costs 50 ADA. However, as the project is newly formed, more updates will come soon periodically. 

Some NFTs 

Teasers of some valuable NFTs are determined over the official site; but, we will highlight only some Crypto Guards NFT.

Chief They act as chief judges, wearing headbands. 
Priest They are the connections between other guardians and gods, carrying primitive notes and bells.
Warriors They are used for battles, who wear armors.  
Elders Their faces remain masked, whose opinions are always considered by others. 
Scouts They are faster than others, bearing a blowpipe. 

Teams Associated 

Upon evaluating the NFT, we have disclosed that they have limited volunteers, including:

  • Lukass– Social Media Manager.
  • Larsz– Marketing.
  • Bettina – Art.  

Statistical Figures

  • NFTs sold within 7 days are 0.
  • The trading volume of Crypto Guards NFT is $0.
  • Token’s total supply is 13.
  • The number of owners is 143.
  • Its floor price is Ξ0.
  • At present, the average price of this token is not available. 

People’s View 

Over Instagram, we have found different users appreciating the NFT’s design. Also, they have praised their unique concept for benefiting other users. 

However, few of them suggest promoting themselves to different people/platforms. In addition, we have commented that they are excited for more updates on this NFT. 

The Final Words 

Throughout this write-up, we have evaluated the Crypto Guards NFT. In addition, this post has highlighted a few NFT and its role. 

Also, we have seen that in October 2021, each NFT’s cost was 50 ADA. However, on Instagram , several people are praising these NFTs. The market trends of this NFT are also highlighted in this article. 

Who is your favorite NFT in Crypto Guards? Would you please state your words below?

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