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Curavi Belt Reviews [May 2020] Is This A Reliable Site?

Curavi Belt Reviews [May 2020] Is This A Reliable Site

Curavi Belt Reviews [May 2020] Is This A Reliable Site? -> The article intends you to offer information about a revolutionary product website that can reduce any temporary backache in few minutes.

Are you suffering from severe irresistible back pain for years and looking for a solution? Then this website meant for you.

This website comes with highly innovative wearable medical devices that are an ideal pick for both women and men. As per the Curavi Belt Reviewsthe product uses a revolutionary technique to treat the backaches with zero invasive and medicinal treatment. 

The reviews state that this product has been the best choice not only for people with a normal sedentary lifestyle but has been a healthy addition for sports players as well. The belt helps in reducing the pain, swelling, or inflammation in just 30 minutes using laser light therapy.

The company delivers its products online through its website across the world, including the United StateThe products help the patient reduce the pain without the intervention of surgery or any other physical therapy.

What is Curavi Belt?

This belt is the perfect product to give a temporary halt to reduce the backaches without going through any intense treatment or surgery. The belt is also an apt option to cure mild or moderate pains, along with spams and inflammation.

The product is exquisitely made such that it is light in weight, handy, and portable. So, the patient can have a mini-relief session while travelling or on the go as well.

How are Curavi Belt designed?

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery adds to the belt’s make and reliability. The belt comes with medical-grade laser diodes with no products that create harmful rays. The product also comes with a belt extender and universal AC adapter that further adds to its distinct design.

This high-tech product comes with three levels of coverage, laser flex technology, and designed with efficient and skilled technicians in the United State that adjusts effortlessly to any body size. It comes with just 30 minutes of auto-timed treatment.

Is this product approved for medicare coverage

The product is not covered for medicare coverage now, but this are FDA registered products that are highly reliable.

Specification of Curavi Belt

  • Website type: Fitness product 
  • Refund or return: available (mandatory to have a Return Material Authorization (RMA) for return)
  • Tracking Order: available 
  • Shipping option: available
  • Affordable cost for the products
  • Warranty option: available
  • Gifting option: available (special sale or discounts for the different occasion)
  • Discount or sale option: available
  • Email:
  • Registered address: 1715 NW 82 Ave Miami, FL 33126
  • Company phone number: +1 (844) 748-3338
  • Chat option timings: 8:30 am to 7:00 pm Pacific, Monday – Friday

What are the financing options for this website?

For the payment of this product, the customer can make payment either through credit cards, PayPal credit, or Affirm financing. There is a monthly payment option available to split the payment in easy installments. Also, the customer gets six months special financing on the purchase of Curavi Belt each time of the purchase.

Pros of buying from Curavi Belt

  • Chatbot option for enhanced customer communication
  • Special offer on different occasions
  • Cart option to add product
  • Tracking order options available
  • Comes with special care scheme for customers for Covid-19 situation
  • Exclusive deals for the subscribers
  • External links to the social media page
  • The website provides information about different back problems
  • Easy login options
  • Search options to quickly select filter products of your choice
  • Highly innovative products with a warranty
  • Safe treatment product

Cons of buying from Curavi Belt 

  • Payment option not explained on the home page of the website
  • Absence of about us page

How long it takes for the refund?

The company offers a complete refund to its customers within the first month if the customer is not satisfied with the purchased product. The Return Material Authorization (RMA) is vital for the exchange of products or any refund. 

Final Verdict

As per the above information, this website offers a product which comes with a warranty, free shipping option and financing proposal such as buy now and pay later. Also, the site has a well-established system for exceptional customer support.

The company will match the price if the product are at a better price on the other website. The Curavi Belt also takes care of its customer’s personal information by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for its payment processes and providing access only to its authorized team. The company does not keep any customer information on its server post the transaction.

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