Cvs Survey Scam {Aug 2022} Read All Details To Be Safe!

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This post on Cvs Survey Scam will help readers by making them aware and safe of the CVS scam.

Have you received any spam emails from the CVS survey? Do you follow the CVS survey? If yes, then you might be aware of the scam happening in the name of the CVS survey. CVS survey is a survey conducted by the website CVShealthsurvey to know the public opinion of the masses on health conditions. CVS survey is quite famous among the people of the United States.

Read this post on Cvs Survey Scam to make yourself aware and safe of the scams happening around you.

CVS Scam

CVS is well known for its accurate surveys, and the study was set up by CVS health. The company focuses on providing problem-oriented medicine through its survey. Many people in the United States use CVS pharmacy and CVS surveys to know their health conditions. CVS surveys are well designed to know the customer reviews on their medicine, staff, quality of the products and other services offered by CVS health.

CVS surveys are usually safe, but recently Cvs Survey Scam hit the news when many people received a fake email from an email-id that was impersonating a CVS survey team. After listening to this news, many people started searching for this survey scam to be aware and keep themselves safe from this scam. 

What is the CVS scam?

Many people were shocked and started panicking when they heard of the spam emails sent by a fake CV survey team. This spam was carried out through an email that a user receives a fake email from the scammer. The email of the Cvs Survey Scam says, “Congratulations, you are selected for a 90$ reward. To review this reward, you have to complete a 30-second short survey.” For this 30-second short survey, a link was provided. Clicking on this link takes the user to the site or interface where the 90$ reward was dangling. Then in the name of surveys, the scammer might ask you for personal details that can be used for financial and emotional fraud. So you must be careful whenever you see a reward-related email from any company.

How to be safe from Cvs Survey Scam?

The first thing you have to do when you get such mail is to compare the received email address to the company’s official email address. Check the company’s official website to verify whether the reward mentioned in the mail is real or fake.


To conclude this post, in this post we have talked about everything you need to know about the CVS scam. The post started with a little introduction, then we explained the scam emails, and the steps to counter the were provided.

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We hope this post on the Cvs Survey Scam was helpful for you.

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  1. I am an Indian and am on a vacation here.i got a text message from cvs pharmacy.i had taken my booster dose from cvs pharmacy just lately so when I got a message of taking survey I ended up giving my bank account details.i was robbed the same day.after two days again my prepaid card was used again.i am a toursist.i was resistant to block my card.i called up my bank and they told me to give police complaint and cut off the card.finally had to block my card.can some one who has same experience please suggest how can I get my money back.

    I am in distress here with losing this money

    1. Hi Sangita! We suggest not sharing your account or personal details with anyone on call or for any verification process. Further, you can directly call your respective bank and inform the entire incident. Stay safe & always remain alert.

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