Daft Punk Robot Names (Feb 2021) Scroll Down for Facts!

Daft Punk Robot Names 2021

Daft Punk Robot Names (Feb 2021) Scroll Down for Facts!   >> What is the name of the real people behind those robotic helmets? Read to know.

Do you know Daft Punk Robot Names? Even after being loyal fans of the most incredible French duo of all time, people still do not know their name. But do not worry because we have got you covered.

This question popped up after the duo announced their end in the music industry. 

This sorrowful news made Daft Punk fans talk about them more, and that is when many realized that they don’t even know their real names. And this is more shocking after learning that they had often performed without costumes in the United States.

Daft Punk had gained worldwide popularity, and they were lucky to end their journey in a peaceful manner.

What is Daft Punk?

Daft Punk is a famous and successful electronic music French duo in the music industry. The Daft Punk Robot Names will be revealed later in this article. 

Formed back in 1993 in Paris, Daft Punk makes House, electronic, dance, and disco music. The pair had debuted in the music industry with the studio album Homework. Apart from their four major hit albums, namely, Homework, Discovery, Human After All, and Alive 2007, they are also known for writing the soundtracks for Tron: Legacy. And that’s not all. 

The duo is also famous in the gaming world since their appearance in the DJ Hero game. They offered 11 original mixes that featured their music for this video game.

And many say that the new Spider-Man: Miles Morales video game’s costume is also inspired by Daft Punk’s iconic robots-wearing-helmets look that leads to no one knowing Daft Punk Robot Names.

The Daft Punk: Epilogue

The duo gave a happy ending to their career in the music world. Daft Punk posted an 8-minute-long video on their official YouTube channel and titled it Epilogue. An epilogue, meaning an end to a piece of work, was confused by viewers as one of their new music videos, but later the video revealed the truth.

In the video’s comment section, fans bid them farewell by mentioning many of their iconic lines like “A hero need not speak. When he is gone, the world will speak for him”, “Hold on if love is the answer, you are home.”

What are Daft Punk Robot Names?

The wait is over! The real names of the French Daft Punk duo is Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and  Thomas Bangalter.

 It is no surprise their fans have not even seen their faces, even though back in the 1990s, they performed in the United States without their legendary costumes.

In their movie, Electroma, they are referred to as Hero#1 and Hero#2. They do not have any other specific robot names.

Customer Reviews:

It is indeed a sad moment to see your favorite band split, but this moment is also filled with tears of joy when the end is peaceful

The fans bid them a happy farewell. The video received 10 million views within a single day.

Final Verdict:

So, now you probably know Daft Punk Robot Names. The legendary French duo was and will live within our hearts forever with their iconic songs. 

Did you watch their Epilogue video? Was the news sad or happy for you? Comment down below and share your favorite song by Daft Punk.

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