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Daughter Ketanji Brown Jackson‘s viral pic is now everywhere on social media. What it is all about, we have discussed here.

Do you know who Ketanji Brown Jackson is? Are you aware of her daughters? Have you also seen the viral photo of the daughter’s reaction captured and shared by Saeahbeth Maney? 

Ketanji Brown has been a judge in the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit since 2021. We have detailed information once you scroll down. So, continue reading about Daughter Ketanji Brown Jackson.

What is in the viral picture of the daughter of Ketanji Brown Jackson?

On the day of the confirmation event, Maney took pictures of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who is now confirmed to be the Supreme Court Justice. She has become the first black woman nominated to the United States Supreme Court. However, few photographs from this week’s hearings have sparked as much interest as one taken by Maney.

One of the pics in which Judge Jackson is smiling but not in focus. However, the sparkling face of teen Daughter Ketanji Brown Jackson named Leila Jackson is an actual focus. She seemed delighted, and her facial expression expresses it all.

What the Photographer has to say about the photo?

Maney, who captured the moment of the day, also did not know that she would be capturing the most widely shared image for the event. She mentioned that “I remember Judge smiling a lot, and I believe it was all because of the comments and appreciation she receives.” Then Maney added how proud her daughter was reflected on her face, and she captured that pride and adoration moment in the photograph.

Who is Daughter Ketanji Brown Jackson?

The daughters of Ketanji Brown Jackson are Talia and Leila. After a senate hearing, seventeen-year-old Leila Jackson’s pic was viral on social media. NYT photojournalist SarahbethManey took the photo.

Leila is the youngest daughter and is seen sitting with her sister Talia and other members in the photo. Leila Jackson is pursuing her 12th grade at Georgetown day school. She is a talented emerging girl who has received many awards for events and competitions she took part in. 

Moreover, she is ambitious, determined, and honest, and six years ago, she wrote a letter to President Barack Obama requesting her mother. For this, Daughter Ketanji Brown Jackson was all over social media at that time.

About Ketanji Brown Jackson:

Born on 14th September 1970, Ketanji Brown is an American attorney and judge. On 7th April 2022, she received Senate confirmation. On 25th February 2022, Joe Biden nominated her for the associate justice of the Supreme Court of U.S. She has now become the 1st black woman to sit on the Supreme Court of U.S.


We have discussed the proud moment of the daughter for her mother captured by an NYT photojournalist, which is now viral on the internet. Know about Ketanji Brown more here in detail.

What is your thought on the viral pic of Daughter Ketanji Brown Jackson? Tell us in the comment section more.

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