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In this post, we have discussed Decidueye, Decidueye Pokemon Build, and Decidueye best movesets and items.

Do you play Pokemon Unite? Are you aware of the latest addition to Pokemon Unite? Would you like to know more about it? If yes, tune in to this post.

Decidueye is the new addition to the Pokemon Unite gameplay. Many players worldwide, especially in the United States, know more about its best build-up, items, and moveset. So, in this post, we have discussed Decidueye Pokemon Build

About Decidueye

Decidueye is a Grass and Ghost-type Pokemon. The Pokemon was recently added to Nintendo Switch and the Mobile version of Pokemon Unite. Decidueye comes under the tier rating of S-tier. His main role is as an attacker.

Decidueye cost 10000 Aeos coins or 575 Aeos gems. Decidueye is a very powerful Pokemon that can fire quills from a long-range and snipe any opponent who comes in his way.

Decidueye’s strengths are high attack speed, versatile Pokemon with many support capabilities, and the ability to solo objects. Some of his weaknesses are that Decidueye is too squishy and lacks many mobility options. 

About Decidueye Pokemon Build

Two of the best Decidueye build-ups are Strafing Owl Build and Prowler Owl Build.

Strafing Owl Build

Strafing Owl Build’s attacking build is well-balanced, focusing on Decidueye’s passive as well as standard boosted strikes. Razor Leaf buffs all attacks, enabling players to hit numerous enemies with a single assault. Whenever an adversary attacks you, utilize Leaf Storm to drive them backward so players may utilize their passive to maximize your damage.

Decidueye’s kit is considerably enhanced with the Muscle Band with Scope Lens, which provides improved attack speed & damage. To compensate for Decidueye’s frailty, Focus Band provides adequate endurance and survival.

Prowler Owl Build

The second best Decidueye Pokemon Build is Prowler Owl Build, which is an all-in aggressive build that acts as a jungle construct and focuses on enhancing Decidueye’s strikes. Shadow Sneak weakens your opponent, Razor Leaf buffs your strikes, and then you fire a flurry of assaults to eliminate enemies as quickly as possible.

The Scope Lens, Muscle Band, and Razor Claw give players all the firepower they need to knock down adversaries swiftly, including attack speeds, damages, and critical hits. The Eject Button is also must-have fighting equipment for this build since it may be used to flee or pursue enemies

Now that we know Decidueye Pokemon Build let’s discuss the best items and moveset.

Decidueye Best Held Items & Movesets

Decidueye’s main attacking items are the Scope Lens and Muscle Band, which provides him with plenty of firepower to deal with any opponent that follows in its wake. His best battle item is Eject Button, as it provides constant movement.

Decidueye’s best movesets is Shadow Sneak with Razor Leaf. Razor Leaf is a fantastic destructive tool since it hits several targets with split shots, and Shadow Sneak offers it a solid mobility option.


The addition of Decidueye is very positive for Pokemon Unite players. If used in a good build-up, it will be a destructor against opponents. Visit this News website to know more.

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