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Do certain political parties leave you option-less when you go to submit your vote? It is an unheard and popular act performed by politicians to win an election. However, Defend Your Ballot. Com is a movement in which you know your rights and ways to protect your vote. Being a responsible citizen, you need to know your fundamental rights and their implementations. 

The movement mentioned above is prevailing in the United States. Recently, another movement of “Keep America-America” came into action because of an ensued fight between conservatives and liberals. Hence, our article holds a significant significance in educating you about the on-going protests and protection measures. 

What is Defend Your Ballot. Com?

Some votes are misplaced or refuted to make a specific politician or political party to win. This action of ballot officers is hidden from the population. Therefore, Defend Your Ballot. Com is born in the US to protect you from this deceptive act. In this movement, you become aware of your fundamental voting rights. 

The movement also pressurizes the government to count each vote without any bias. Besides, it also educates you about the fundamental rights and how to use them wisely for yourself and the country. Recently, a silent fight ensued between liberal and conservative parties for “Keeping America-America.” 

How can votes be misused?

Defend Your Ballot. Com shows that your votes are misused in four ways, no matter you were present on the voting location or not. Read the misleading practices carefully:

  • Campaign workers attack: The political party supporters mark your absence with a present on the voting day. It is done by manipulating your personal information to increase the vote count for a specific political party. 
  • Same-Day-Registration and Provisional ballots: These two defenses are made in many countries to ensure your vote is counted. They both ask you to carry voter ID to register before balloting your vote. It reduces the chances of manipulating your details; however, they also have a minute loophole to misuse your vote.
  • Voting Machines: Japan created election machines but uses paper ballots. It is because voting machines can be easily hacked to manipulate the vote counts. Therefore, your vote can be conducted without your knowledge. 
  • Post-vote audits: Defend Your Ballot. Com suggests that nobody can locate whether the voting machines’ software was hacked or not. Hence, electronic votes can be changed without anybody’s knowledge. Paper ballots are vital in such conditions. 

Customer Feedback:

Defend Your Ballot. Com has created awareness in the most population. Many voters are signing up with the movement to protect themselves and their votes. They are also volunteering to spread voting rights awareness.


Defend Your Ballot. Com is a great initiative to protect the United States from manipulative political parties. You can check essential information in the above sections. Nevertheless, you can always submit your input in the comments!


  1. Our group (Election Integrity in Michigan is planning to train
    voters to be poll watchers. We have people to instruct the
    classes. However, we need to know how to register our
    trainers (two people) with the State of Michigan so we
    can obtain credentials for our poll watchers. I have contacted
    Michigan GOP but they said to contact you on getting on
    their list of trainers.

  2. You are encouraging people like the proud boys to show up armed at polling places to try to intimidate voters who don’t like trump. This is beyond shameful.
    This kind of crap reeks of Germany in the 30’s.

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