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Demon Art Anime Fighting Simulator {Aug} Know More Here!

Demon Art Anime Fighting Simulator {Aug} Know More Here! >> Wants to know the details of the updates of the popular game available on Roblox platform? Read the content here.

Are you obsessed with Anime characters? Do you want to empower your character in Anime Fighting Simulator? Then we are here to help you out by sharing today’s content. 

Worldwide the concept of the game and its fascinating anime players has grabbed the attention of gamers. Moreover, the latest updates made in the game that can offer new techniques to fight and win have become the hot topic of discussion.

So, let’s have a brief look at the Demon Art Anime Fighting Simulator and clear the doubts related to the newest update.

Few words about anime fighting simulator

Roblox has gained popularity by offering games for people of all age groups, out of which Anime Fighting Simulator is one of them. 

Every fan of anime, especially the Shounen anime, finds it as the most interesting games. Moreover, players can combine different abilities like quirks, bloodlines, and fruits together. Inspired by the characters of anime, this game provides six dimensions to visit. 

All these exciting features of the game made the community introduce the new update for the players. Let’s have a look over it.

What is Demon Art Anime Fighting Simulator?

Demon art has offered additional special powers to the players under Update 19, released on 7 August 2021. It not opens the gateways to immense powers but has come up with many new contents to explore. Apart from powers, you can discover new fruits, bosses, and much more. 

The Anime Simulator uses advanced gaming techniques to create those epic moments for its players

The special keys in your mobile will offer you access to techniques in the quickest way. These are as mentioned below- 

  • Z – It will provide your air type move. The Demon Art Anime Fighting Simulator has added this to help the players defeat the enemies by providing multiple punches in a single second.
  • X – The annihilation type will lunge forward towards an enemy with immense force. As a result, it produces a huge wave of shock that kills the enemies.
  • C – The compass needle move creates a snowflake pattern on the ground. Furthermore, helps in destroying the powers of the opponent.

These three extraordinary powers are updated in the game to boost your skills.

The new codes of Anime Fighting Simulator

Apart from Demon Art Anime Fighting Simulator, new codes are added in the game, which are as follows – 

  • Emperador – This will unlock chikara for you.
  • Sub2tplanetmilo – If you are curious to get a reward of 500 yen, then do redeem this code.
  • Sub2razorfishgaming – to add another 500 yen as a reward, you can apply this code in the game.

Similarly, many other codes are available online that are released with the update. We recommend you check it out and use them to take your game to the next level.

Learn more on Roblox Generators here.


Demon Art Anime Fighting Simulator introduced in update 19 is fantastic. The launch has also offered three new sword skins, thirteen new powers, and features of power balancing. So, go through the update and discover it.

Learn how to get demon art in anime fighting simulator here.

What are your views about the special powers introduced in the game? Comment and share with us.

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