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Devolverjesus.com (Dec) What’s The Website All About?

In this post, we will discuss Devolverjesus.com, and you will know why is it getting famous recently.

Do you know why Devolver Jesus term is so much trending on the internet? If not, then you have found the right post. This post will discuss all Devolver Jesus terms and the whole reason behind its hype.

Football fans from Brazil are especially making this term viral, and the fans have also made many platforms for its support. Football is a mainstream sport for sports fans worldwide, and if fans do not like anything, it becomes huge news. 

Let us know further about Devolverjesus.com and learn more about it.

What is Devolverjesus?

The whole idea behind this website is to remove the coach of Benfica. The fans of Benfica club’s made website, not just the website; the fans have also created an Instagram profile with this term. 

That is the reason you are bumping with the term “Devolver Jesus” on the internet. Devolver Jesus is a Portuguese term that translates to Remove Jesus in English for those who don’t know. 

What is The Motive of The Fans Behind This Website?

As you might have got an idea from Devolverjesus.com, fans are not satisfied with Jorge Jesus performance as coach of the Benfica club. That is why they want him out of the club. 

The reason for the existence of this website is fans want to encourage Jorge Jesus to go back to Flamengo. That is why they have also given the option on the website to see how many people want return of Jorge. You will also see some memes and posts posted against Jorge on the Instagram page.

As per the sources, it is also said that most of the board of the Benfica club is also against Jorge Jesus and wants him to leave the club.

Overview of Devolverjesus.com

The website interface is very basic, and the website’s motive is straightforward. After you go to the website, you will see a button that clicks to return Clica PARA DEVOLVER, which translates as Click to return. 

It also describes, “Nobody is Happy, and Flamengo still wants it. let us make it happen together “. After clicking the button, you will see a popup modal that says, “Thanks, the mister is already on its way. Return Registered”. 

With each user clicking on this button on Devolverjesus.com, the miles increases as if Jorge Jesus is getting closer to Rio.

The Final Verdict

We hope this post has cleared all your doubts about the “Devolver Jesus” term. All we know for now is that because of the whole criticism scenario, Jorge might be leaving the club very soon, which is good news for most of you and bad for others. Check out the Instagram profile made by fans against Jorge. 

What are your views about this whole situation? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, do share this Devolverjesus.com post to inform others. Moreover, we have provided you with the information only extracted from the online sources and the website. We are not taking anyone’s side.

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