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Dewaltset.ga Scam (Feb 2021) Easy And Quick Review!

Dewaltset.ga Scam (Feb 2021) Easy And Quick Review! >> Do you want to buy some tools from a webshop? Then, check out the post to know the legitimacy of the website.  

Dewaltset.ga Scam: Have you ever get scammed online while buying something but did not get the order ever? Then, you get a clue that the site is a colossal hoax, and you get trapped in the same if you do not know how to find all such pointers that may mark any webshop as a scam.

Therefore, here we come up with such a site that seems a bit dubious, and we need to clear out all such doubts of the people from the United States. Let us dig into the details and take some ideas from dewaltset.ga reviews to make an unbiased conclusion. 

Is Dewaltset.ga a Hoax? 

How did you know about the site, whether it is a scam or legit? Instagram? Facebook Advertisements? We came across all such aspects to find out validations and explore an excellent review in front of the buyers to follow the right track. 

We found that the site seems new, doubtful, and suspicious during the investigation on this website due to some loopholes. The website does not have any secure HTTPS connection, no contact info available, strange cancellation period, and some mistakes exist. 

Also, the website is too new in the market, and thus, we can’t call it Dewaltset. ga Scam or legit yet. But it needs some fixations if they’re serious about this business, though it appears to be highly suspicious. 

An Overview of Dewaltset.ga

Simply put, it is an online store that claims to offer many tools and renovations. They have also claimed to provide top-notch quality of products and Free shipping at a specified price. The variety of products they provide includes outdoor tools, air tools, hand tools, lighting, tool storage, etc.

Do you want to get more into this platform? Then, let us find some dewaltset.ga reviews to know more. 

Specifications of the Website

  • The buyers can access the website through http://www.dewaltset.ga.
  • The website has created on Jan 4th, 2021.
  • It has a vast range of products available such as tool storage, air tools, lighting, hand tools, outdoor tools, and others. 
  • The website has a shipping policy of seven to ten days to deliver products. 
  • The cancellation policy states to inform the website within six hours to cancel the product at the spot. 
  • The return policy is of 60-days. 
  • Online payment options are available such as Visa, PayPal, Maestro, and Master card. 
  • Subscription options is available to get all email updates. 
  • An order tracking facility is available to keep track of all orders. 
  • The site accepts GB pound, US Dollar, Australian Dollar, and Euro. 
  • There is fifty percent off available on all products. 
  • Free shipping is available on all products with a price of $79 and above.

Let us know about the Dewaltset. ga Scam through its pros, cons and customer reviews. 

Pros of Buying from the Dewaltset.ga

  • The website has a variety of products available. 
  • Worldwide shipping is available, including in the United States.
  • You can save 50% of the money on all orders.
  • You can avail of Free shipping and returns on all orders with the price tag of $79 and more. 
  • Order tracking is available. 

Cons of Buying from Dewaltset.ga

  • The website is only eighteen days old, and it is too recent to trust such a platform. 
  • There is no contact information available. 
  • There are a lot of negative reviews available on the web. 
  • There is no social media presence yet. 
  • The site is not using an HTTPS secure connection. 

What are the dewaltset.ga reviews by the customers? 

While exploring the website, we found no such responses from the customers, and the official website has no such section available. 

When we explored some other platforms, we found a lot of negative feedback, and people wrote that they fell for the site and got scammed. Also, they paid through PayPal, and it is good that PayPal agrees to reverse the transaction in some cases. 

Therefore, the website is not the right choice as people have some unfavorable responses about it.    


After getting into the website through Dewaltset. ga Scam post, we found many setbacks associated with the website, and it is not safe to do shopping from such a platform. The site is also new in the market, and it needs to solve some issues first and then go for it further. 

The feedback is also negative on some website on the internet, and it made us not mark the site under the legit web stores. Therefore, we can’t call it a scam within 18 days of its creation, but yes it appears to be dubious.

Please pen down all the queries and concerns related to Dewaltset. ga Scam in the comments section below.

14 thoughts on “Dewaltset.ga Scam (Feb 2021) Easy And Quick Review!

  1. Hi, it looks like I got a scam by these people. The only reason I went for it was that PayPal.
    I bought 3 items for a total of $99.00, all I got was a blue sponge.

  2. They tried to screw me also. All I want is proof of who the CEO is. Brief description and general whereabouts. Anywhere on the planet.

  3. I used the “contact us.” I sent an inquiry about multiple tools that I intentionally put in my shopping cart. I thought they may see the cart and know I am a serious buyer. It has been 6 days ( as of Feb.8, 2021) with no response or reply. I felt pretty sure the prices were just too good to be true. I think we are right. Thanks, convvette

      1. And they want me to send spong back in 3 days to get refunded. F@#k PayPal I’m so sick of these guys I want to blast them on my local news sense all they talk about is negative s@*t anyways.

  4. Purchased a bunch of tools total came to 344. N change with a 71 percent discount,
    i got way to greedy,
    the retail total of tools comes close to 2k

    paid $99 and ended with a silver colored necklace perhapes 5 bucks worth with postsge about the lighteset item u can send would not be suprised that the ziplock baggie was not heavier than the necklass.
    Ah well it was entertainment value

  5. I ordered a DeWalt tool from this site in late Jan and have yet to receive it. I became suspicious after reviewing the purchase and noticing no State tax was charged, unlike most other online sites. I received an email that my purchase had shipped but there was no ID of the shipping method or any way to track my purchase. i suspect I am a victim of fraud and am pursuing adjustment thru my bank (paid with my VISA card).

  6. I ordered from this site on 1/18/2021 and it is now the 19th of February and I have not received my order or any tracking information to find my package or even an email explaining why. I understand with all that is going on as to why they would be slow at getting orders out but not to notify me. I believe it is a scam!

  7. I placed an order on Jan 23 still to this day I am yet to get anything not even a response to my emails this is a scam in every which way ..stay away..

  8. I ordered DeWalt XR tools from them on 2/18, $99 no shipping fee. Used their “track my order” tool and after a week all they’ve done is accept payment. Nothing shipped yet. I suspect a scam. Price was too good to be true so it’s probably a scam. Paid through PayPal so I should be able to get refund. We’ll see.

  9. I have ordered a Dewalt tool for $69.99 in 1-24-21 send them many email requesting the statue of my order with absolutely NO response.
    I believe it is a scam. Stay away…

  10. I ordered an air compressor, a battery operated hedge trimmer, a battery, and a chain for a Dewalt 60v chain saw. After receiving multiple discounts it came to $99.I received the $16 chain but it gave them a tracking number to reference as delivered. They charge $99 for every thing to keep any investigation not worth the loss and they send cheap items to get a tracking number. PayPal will investigate but since the post office shows a package delivery you will loose any chance of recovery. Quite a scheme. They have also been reported to the better Business Bureau.

    1. Hi Don Harris, how painful is this when you receive counterfeit products. BBB is a great solution provider. Hope you have got some great solution to the issue. Please do share with us and alert everyone to reach this website. Thank you

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