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Diablo Immortal Metacritic {June} Read Features, Reviews

Read the latest updates, user reviews, feedback, and ratings of Diablo Immortal Metacritic. Also, know about the giveaway offered by Blizzard.

Did you know that Diablo III® was updated recently on Google Play and iOS store? Did you know that the game is offering giveaways for players Worldwide? Would you like to know how to obtain the free giveaways? 

Metacritic is a popular platform for knowing genuine user and critics reviews. Would you like to see the feedback of users and critics about the game? Let’s read about Diablo Immortal Metacritic.

Player’s Feedback on Diablo Immortal:

As of writing, fifty users had provided their reviews and ratings on Metacritic, giving 2.8/5-star ratings. Eleven users rated the Diablo Immortal positively, Five users gave mixed feedback, and thirty-four users offered negative feedback.

Most of the negative feedback is towards poor controls due to which auto-attack does not work, the old concept of the game found in several other games. Still, Diablo Immortal had marketed it as exciting gameplay, and the enemy NPCs increase according to the power of the players; hence, players feel it is not worth playing in Diablo immortal Meta.

The positive reviews suggest that Diablo Immortal has decent graphics; it is an excellent game as there are many power levels to achieve, upgrade items, kill monsters and NPCs, etc.

Critic Feedback of Diablo Immortal:

Diablo Immortal received 81 Metascore based on six critic reviews. All six reviews were positive. Four reviews were general, and two reviews were regarding the game combining the concept of classic gameplay and free-to-play concept.

About Diablo Immortal:

Diablo is more popular on the iOS platform than on Android and PC. The story of Diablo was also included on Diablo Immortal Metacritic, showing Worldstone shattered but still has a good amount of power that can bring back the lord of terror. Archangel Tyrael is assumed to be dead. 

An ancient evil is looking to control humanity by controlling the power of stones. The players can resume the role of Demon Hunter, Wizard, Barbarian, or a Monk to fight the evil, upgrade their abilities, become most powerful player, and to save Worldstone.

Diablo Features:

  • Unique areas, dungeons, and zones have different challenges
  • It is a massive multi-player game, yet easy-to-play
  • The game features Westmarch city, including markets, landmarks, vendors, etc.
  • Diablo is a fast-paced RPG

Giveaways for Diablo Immortal Metacritic:

Blizzard and Backbone are offering the following giveaways to iOS players who are using Backbone One game controller:

  1. 10 x Relic Key
  2. 100 x Culling Stones
  3. 5 x Reforge Stone
  4. 2 x Specialized Reforge Stones
  5. 5 x Gem Power


Diablo is rated 4.5/5-stars on Google Play from 2.72K reviews. On Apple Store, it is placed 4.7/5-stars and ranked #1 in the Action genre. The Android version 1.4.886633 was released on 31st May 2022 and supported Android 6.0 and above. Version 1.4.886633 was available for iPad and iOS from 1st-June-2022 and supported 11.0 and above. There are more than 1 million installations already since its release.

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