Discord Profile Customization Beta (June) Read Details!

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Discord Profile Customization Beta (June) Read Details! >> Are you using the Discord application for hanging out with your circle? Read this complete article to learn something new about this application.

Hello friends! Today, in this write-up, we will discuss an interesting network platform named Discord. 

Think about a platform where anyone Worldwide can customize their school club, art community, or own gaming group.

Read this complete piece of writing on Discord Profile Customization Beta to understand more about this Discord network platform.

About Discord:

Discord is a network platform where an individual can customize its school club, art community, or own gaming group. It is a USA-based company, but the platform/application can be used by anyone Worldwide.

It can be accessed through your internet browser, or you can also download the Discord application from Windows online store. It is an application where you can perform the following activities:

  • An individual can be in touch via chats daily, 
  • You can hang out with your gang using Discord Profile Customization Beta, 
  • Chat with the system bot about your mood and daily activities, 
  • Join a community chat to meet and talk with new people in your locality, 
  • Create a customized group with unique powers authorized to various members of the group.

How to customize the Profile:

Following are the steps one needs to follow for customizing its profile on Discord:

  1. Transform Avatar: You can change your avatar while customizing your profile by following; Settings>My Account>Change Avatar.
  2. Modify Username: For changing your user name, one can follow the steps like Settings>My Account> Avatar>Change Username>Done.

By these above two steps, you can transform the basics of your profile into Discord.

Discord Profile Customization Beta-Add Profile Banner:

The Profile Banner on Discord is somewhat similar to the Cover Picture we have on Facebook. 

Those who hold Non-Nitro profiles have few banner customization options for their profiles. You can only choose from 10-15 solid color options available by default in the settings.

For Nitro users, there are ample options available for customizing the profile banner. Nitro users can even use other higher suite options for its banner. Nitro users have the following transformation benefits:

  • You can upload and use completely customized banners.
  • You can create, edit, and usefully animated banners.

Social review about Discord Profile Customization Beta:

As per our detailed study, over the Discord Profile Customization, there is a mixed community response about this feature. People are happy and confused about this feature.

There are comments on social discussion platforms where people are raising few questions related to the use of this new feature and how to use this feature in Beta and Nitro versions.

Final Verdict:

There is no question that, by introducing this Profile Customization feature on its platform, Discord will attract more users across the world. Discord Customization Beta will provide great options for Beta & nitro users to make their profiles more attractive and classy.

Are you satisfied with the posted information on Discord Profile Customization Beta? Please share your valuable thoughts. 

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