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Discord Shaming Server Scam {July 2022} Essential Details!

Please go through the article on Discord Shaming Server Scam to know how a scam message works and what we should do to avoid this type of scam.

Have you ever faced any scams yet? How will you know if your social media accounts are hacked? Everyone is concerned about their social media accounts. But recently, many users from the United States faced a scam. A group of hackers found a new way to hack all your data at the start of this July. Read today’s article about Discord Shaming Server Scam to know more about the scam. In this article, you will get to know how you will identify that it’s a scam. 

About Discord Shaming Server

First of all, let’s talk about Discord. Discord is an instant messaging social platform. Users can talk over voice, text, and video. 

But on 1st July, a new server (Name And Shame) was created on Discord, and in just a few times, it has gained around one thousand members. Don’t fall for this! It’s a scam, and it is known as Discord Shaming Server Scam. A group of hackers created this fake server. Their only intention is to collect all our data. They sent the users of Discord an invitation link and provoked them to tap the link. If any Discord user clicks on the link, the hackers will hack their Discord account, and their messages will automatically be blocked, and they will lose their friends on Discord. Doesn’t it sound scary? Because today the value of anyone’s data is priceless. We should be more careful with this type of fake server. 

About the scam message: Discord Shaming Server Scam.

The new scam server (Name And Shame) created by the hackers appears on the screen of Discord. A URL- discord.gg/uqu9xf22ja with the message (Name And Shame) appeared. This message constantly provokes the operators to tap on it. When any user clicks on the URL link, a code of scanner will suddenly appear on the screen. After scanning the code, you login to the server (Discord.gg). That’s how the hackers will hack your account of Discord, and they get entree to your details. So, please stay away from the Discord Shaming Server Scam

What should we do if we receive this type of fake message?

Just ignore the message! It doesn’t matter how much the message provokes you or how convincing it seems. Please do not fall for this type of scam. If you receive this kind of message, you should first check the Google reviews and then just ignore it. 

The information portrayed in this article is grabbed from the details in the internet.

Summing Up:

We will request you to be safe and ignore this type of scam. But if someone has already clicked on the spam link, we suggest they change their password immediately. Today’s article on Discord Shaming Server Scam will help you to be more careful and click on the link to learn about phishing.

Have you also received this message? Comment below. 

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2 thoughts on “Discord Shaming Server Scam {July 2022} Essential Details!

  1. I got this message saying that I had send this person pictures or videos of a girl doing something, I’m not sure what because they didn’t even say. I tried to join the group but they banned me from it. I wanted to see what it was because if someone is going around using my picture, which is of my dog, and my name, I’d really like to know because I never once send this person anything other than two messages because of a game

    1. Hello Tara! We suggest you not fall for this server as our research found that some hackers have created this to collect other people’s data. And, from that Data, anyone can misuse and mislead your privacy. Hence, we suggest to sat Alert & safe!

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