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Latest News Disney World Walt Cinderella Castle
In this article on Disney World Walt Cinderella Castle, we discussed the news regarding the Cinderella Castle.

Have you come across the news of Disney World removing Cinderella Castle? Are you curious to know the whole story behind it? If yes, you are at the right place. Continue reading this article for complete details.

In this article on  Disney World Walt Cinderella Castle, we will discuss the whole story behind the news regarding Cinderella Castle. People from the United States want to know if the information is real or fake. Let us know if everyone’s favourite Cinderella Castle is in trouble. 

Here is everything you should know.

About the news

Families around the world love Walt Disney World. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations on earth. People from every corner come here to visit Disney park and its iconic piece, Cinderella’s Castle. It is a fairytale castle of Cinderella’s home.

News regarding Disney World Walt Cinderella Castle started to make headlines on August 22 2022, all over the internet. The news was regarding the removal of Cinderella castle from Disney World.

The Magic Kingdom is incomplete without the Cinderella Castle. The news came out of the blue and broke many hearts.

In an upcoming paragraph, we will discuss how the news went viral.

Let us know a bit about Disney world and Cinderella castle first.

About Walt Disney World and Cinderella Castle

Walt Disney World Resort, famously known as Disney World worldwide, is an entertainment tourist place in Florida, United States. It was established on October 1, 1971. Cinderella Castle is an iconic piece made at the centre of two theme parks. 

Disney World Walt Cinderella Castle is famous worldwide. It is a symbol of the Walt Disney World that can be seen from the seven seas Lagoon. The Castle is iconic, massive, tall and beautiful. The first thing that attracts everybody’s attention while entering the kingdom is this iconic beauty.

Magic Kingdom at Disney World is the most famous theme park worldwide. Disney World is entirely a different world full of various Disney characters. 

Disneyland is also considered the happiest place on earth as people feel safe there. Everyone immensely loves the experience it brings.

The truth behind Disney World Walt Cinderella Castle Viral News

Fans of Disney world, especially the Cinderella castle, got concerned after watching a TikTok video showing that the Castle would be demolished after the 50th anniversary of Orlando park. 

The news is fake. It was because of that viral TikTok video and a news article by Mouse trap news. Their website states that they write fake information about Disney parks. Anything that is written there is not real, but it’s fun.

People were asked to visit the Mouse Trap News blog link for more information.


Wrapping up this post on Disney World Walt Cinderella Castle, we found that the news of removing Cinderella Castle was just a rumour.

Please click this link to know more about Cinderella Castle.

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